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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Festivals organized every year in Lao Cai Sapa P2

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11 . Gat Tu Tu festival of the black Ha Nhi in Y Ty - Bat Xat

  • Time: three days on Dragon ,Snake , Horse of January 
  • Place: in one's own house and  forbidden for rest at the beginning of the village .
  • Worship ancestors, Ga Mu forest deity, Ca chu ba ha ro water deity, praying for good crop , driving away epidemic diseases, evil spirits , giao duyen singing . 

12 Demons expelling ceremony greeting spring of the Xa Pho in An Thanh village - Gia Phu commune - Bao Thang.

  • Time: on Horse, Goat day of February.
  • Place in each family and in the area of flat land at the beginning of the village. 
  • Tam Linh devotion ceremony( pig, goat,dog) making up by mask but dancing according to demons expelling ceremonial by the way of using bamboo pipe to shoot on the ground ...

13 Nao Xong festival of the Mong

  • Time: on Dragon day of February .
  • Place: forbidden forrest of the village. 
  • Worshiping the God of the soil , setting village regulation, holding an oath-taking ceremony . 

14 Lap Tich ceremony of the Dao Ho at  Khe Mu village - Bao Thang district

  • Time: choosing leisure month before or after Tet holiday. 
  • Place: in the family and the precinct of the person who makes "Lap tich " 
  • The ceremonial test and pratice the person  who makes Lap tich as jumping from high tower down to hammock net, advice ceremonial ,... ceremonial dances as trong dat dance, sap dance, chicken dance .....

15 Kho Gia Gia festival of the Ha Nhi Den - Bat Xat district 

  • Time: four days ( Dragon , Snake , Horse , Goat ) june 
  • Place  Forbidden forrest of the village. 
  • Buffalo offering ceremony, rope swinging, wheel swinging, giao duyen singing, boys and girls love, ceremonial dance and sing the song " Rice Mother " of old women. 

16 June 23rd Tet of the Pa Di - Muong Khuong 

  • Time: on June 23rd 
  • Place: in each family and at the village 
  • Worship the village deity, ceremony of wishing children well, giao duyen singing, playing teeter, " danh en " 

17 Victory congratulation Tet of the Nung Din in Muong Khuong and Bao Ha

  • Time: on July 1st 
  • Place: in family and the flat land where plant banana near house . 
  • Offering Thu Ty deity by food processed from banana, banana flower, banana core, green banana seven colour stick rice symbolized banana tree and a red pair of chopstick, sing folk songs about the against aggressor victories....

18 Green rice festival of the Tay - Bao Yen 

  • Time: on August 15th 
  • Place  in the house and precinct of chief village 
  • Green rice pounding competion, Nang trang offering, ceremony of inviting Nang  trang to Earth, gia duyen singing, Pounding green rice  according to the melody called " Keng loong " weaving dance .... 

19  New rice ceremony of the La Chi - Bac Ha 

  • Time: on the day of ripening rice 
  • Place: in family and on the field .
  • Symbolical harvesting ceremonial , cooking new rice, offering new rice to ancestors with " special food ": dried buffalo meat, stream fish, bird, dried mouse, boys and girls swing , giao duyen singing .... 

20 New rice ceremony and banana flower festival of the Xa Pho - Van Ban district  

  • Time: September 9th 
  • Place: in the house of the chief village and in each family . 
  • Raising a banana tree to arrange varieties of  flower included banana flower , dancing for bumper crop, offering  new rice and " special food " dried fish, dried mouse. bird, taro ,... dancing to describe the movement of harvesting rice, hunting ....
Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Festivals organized every year in Lao Cai Sapa P1

1 "Tet Nhay" festival of Dao Do people in Sapa 

  • Time : 1st, 2nd on Tet Holiday
  • Place : In house of the Head of family 
  • Specific characteristics : Taking bath for ancestors statue , Jumping into a trance,hunting , doing shadow boxing , catching tortoise , doing some magic .

2 "Gau tao " festival of Mong people 

  • Time : from January 3rd to 5th 
  •  Place : the hill hear the village 
  • praying for a child , for heath ,singing " chu gau tao " , shooting match, crossbow shooting match  , pan-pipe dancing .... 

3 Long Tong festival of Tay people - Van Ban district 

  • Time :  on Dragon day of January 
  • Place : field area near the village 
  • Praying for bumper crop , throwing con , tug of war,cock-fighting by banana inflorescense , buffalo fight by Vau  bamboo, sword dancing... 

4 "Long Tong"  festival of Tay people in Tai Chai - Bac Ha 

  • Time : on January 15th 
  • Place : field area near th forbidden forest 
  • Praying for bumper crop , throwing con ,fairy swing, spread grace interchange....

5 "Roong Pooc " festival of Giay People in Ta van  village - Sapa

  • Time : on Dragon day on January 
  • Place on separate field 
  • Praying for bumper crop, worshiping  the village , playing games as tug of war , throwing con , setting village regulation , "giao duyen" singing . 

6 "Roong Pooc " festival of Giay people in Ta Phoi - Cam Duong

  • Time : on dragon day , january 
  • Place : large field near village 
  • Praying for bumper crop, throwing con , tug of war , danh en 

7 "Dinh " festival of Tay - Bao yen 

  • Time : January 6th 
  • Worship mountain God , offering black pig , throwing con " giao duyen " singing 

8 "Choi Hang " festival of the Thai , The Tay in Khanh Yen cave - Van Ban district 

  • Time : three days from january 5th to january 8th 
  • Place : in and out of Khanh Yen cave 
  • Giao duyen singing , having heart of heart with each other .

 9 Festival of Lao Nhai village temple, Lao cai city 

  • Time : three days from January 11th to January 13th 
  • Time : at the temple where worship Mau and Thien hau Nuong Nuong and the area of river bank. 
  • Greeting the Holy Mother and Thien Hau Nuong Nuong  across  street to Coc Leu bridge , offering on 12th and thanking ceremony  on 13th , rice cook competion , praying for thriving business . 

10 Forrest worship festival of the Nung in Muong Khuong  : 

  • Time : January 30th 
  • Place : the village's forbidden forrest  
  • Worship two ancient trees " Father tree and mother tree " food offerings with special tray : "country tray " -worship the people who scrifice their life for protecting the country  and a tray worshiping the people who protect the village , Festival of Playing games. Leng hao match , Lan co singing  , wood chess playing , swimming .....  

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Source : collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine

Friday, November 18, 2016

Traditional Down to field festival of Tay people (Hoi xuong dong festival) - Van Ban district

Every year from the fifth day of Tet to the fifteenth day of January , Tay people in Van Ban district organize "Xuong Dong " festival beginning a new production process. 

Worship ceremony for opening " Xuong Dong " festival will be started when a bell tone ringing . The powwow respectfully invites village deity , deity of streams , deity of mountains to attend ceremony with village .After con pillar worship , the powwow gives two con balls filled with rice, cotton ball and a few sand to an old woman . This woman will throw those balls to a couple of boys and girls  ( not married ) .This couple will be the first couple taking part in "con" throwing competition on "con" background which "con" ball thrown through "con" background the powwow will slit that con ball to get cotton seeds and rice in it mixing with roasted rice and then scatter the people attending festival . These rice mean to receive as much as possible . 

Next game is tug of war. At the first tug of war is regarded as cereminial but then everyone takes parts in . Side of families above water mine competes with side of families below the water mine . The most cheerfull and attractive game is cooking fighting and buffalo fight. Cooks and buffaloes here are not  real cocks and buffaloes but cocks are made by banana inflorescense , buffaloes are made by  bamboo but the game still take place enthusiastically , which are attractive to viewer and players feel as they are in real competitions. 

Afer games is dance festival . In the rhythm of drum , a group of 12 people  ( boy and girls ) hold shield and sword to perform sword dance . When sword dance is finished , gong and drum-beat rises to attract people to take part in dancing "xoe vong " . the Drum is in the middle , the spread circle around the drum is more  and more enlarged because anyone wants to touch th circle in order to have an endless game.

"Xuong Dong " festival is a special crop pray  festival of Tay people - Van Ban . Both festival part and holiday part reflect people's wish for bumper crop, good heath , many children and grandchildren .Besides that , "Xuong Dong " festival also implies  a system of belief impacting on developing  ture as reproduction - water- sun - rice 

Source  : collected by Admin 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thuong temple festival Lao Cai Sapa

Every year ,on the fifteenth of lunar month, ethnic compatriots in Lao Cai make pilgrimage to Lao Cai city - the sacred lang in the North pass - to mix with jubilant atmostphere o Thuong temple festival .Thuong temple is the place where worships grand Duke  Tran Huong Dao - the famous shogun / general of Army of Vietnam people  who command Dai Viet troops defending in Lao Cai frontier in 1257. From two to three years till now, Thuong temple festival has been organized by Lao Cai province on  a large  scale fundamentally consist of two path : festival and holiday. 
 The festival part in solemnly celebrated in temples, pagodas ôn Hòa Hiếu Hill. The holiday is taken place jubilantly and animatedly with a lot of special cheerful folk game as : Lion dances, tug or warm, Con throwing , people wrestle , stick pushing ,crossbow,cock-fighting,swing, human chess...
Besides festival days, on normal days compatriot of various ethnic origins in Lao Cai and people neighbouring province still come to Thuong temple to thurify for pray for blessing and go sightseeing ./.
source : collected by Admin 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

"Tet Nhay" Festival Dao Do ( Red Dao) People in Sapa

Dao Do people is one of people still keeps a lot of folklore funds, ceremonials ,traditional festival as dignitaries grant ( Le Cap Sac ), naturalization ceremony (Le nhap Tich ) ... In which " Tet Nhay " festival with lissom dance is one of unique ceremonial of Dao people , Dao people calls festival " giang chau dao " .. Every year, Dao Do people in Sapa organises Tet Nhay festival  this ceremonial often take place in two days  : the first and second day in January on the house of the head family . 
Tet Nhay festival is organized to make offering to ancestor, pray for people  in family tobe healthy in new year , the weather i fine , the crop is good, cattles anh fowl are healthy without epidemic disease ....
The beginning of Tet Nhay festival is to worship the ancestor, then the wizard starts to implement dance ceremonials . This is called " mua thieng " . A group of young people under instruction of the priest organize 14 dances to open the way. to build a bridge to pick their ancestor anh Godhead up to come to attend their Tet . 
tet nhay - dao do sapaWhen the dances to open way , to welcome their ancestor , Godhead finished , is also the time all  the families begin to greet ancestors statue . Dao people's ancestors statue besides  sacred anh noble meaning the are also unique sculpture artistic work.Ancestor statues are beautifully carved in old clothes with the length of 25 cm , diameter of the statue's body is  5 cm statue's right hand hold a badge reporting the ancestor's name .On normal days , the statue are wrapped  by white fabric . On Tet holiday,descendant lower statues and hold ceremony of talking bath for statue , change a new shawl for statues , bath water for statues is kind of fragrant water extracted from the cover of the tree called " sum mu ".
After talking bath for statues,descendant organize offering chiken dances .The priest and three young people hold red and yellow cock dancing offering chicken dances with movement of setting chicken on head ,carrying chicken on shoulder , both dancing and plucking chicken's head ... After finishing offering chicken dance ,flag dance begin .
Tet Nhay of Dao Do people in Sapa takes place from the end of Dragon time to the beginning of Rooster (Cock ) time .All Forms form folk art ,dance art ,musical art and words art talking about legend of family , ancestor's merit to plastic art with types of worship picture ,paper  cutting picture ,wood statue sculpture are lively expressed during the ceremony ... Therefore ,activities in Tet Nhay ceremony of Dao Do people in Sapa are appreciated  to be abundant in national character , unique and rich human culture.
Source : Collected

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Roóng Poọc Festival of Giay people

Roong Pooc means go down the field. This is Spring festival organized every year on Dragon day of January according to Lunar calendar in order to Pray abundant crop , health, properousness ,fine , weather.
sapa festival
The place for opening this festival is quite flat field at the head of the village . Giay People name that Field Na Roong Pooc ( mean go down the field ) . .At the centre of the field is a high con tree made by apricot  tree with a circle on the top. That circle has two sides , on ticked with red paper symbolized  for sticked with yellow paper symbolized for Moon . The side with Red sky is decorated by three fringes made as paper flower with colour of blue ,red, violet,yellow anh the side with Moon is decorated by the shape symbolized for Yan and Yang . The offering of powpow consist of offering symbolized for properousness : a white raw cloth ,two plates of boiled eggs dyed red , plate of fried fish , two bamboo shoots , red steam glution rice , even small bowls , seven pairs of chopsticks ,... five silver dimes set on a plate and six con of girls without husband .

Godhead offering ceremony praying health for people and properousness for evetything is the first part of festival . After finishing offering , orchestra drum , gong , pile wind intrustment will be resounded singal of symbolic ceremonial games starting . Con throwing is opening game . the elderly , one site is male and one is female , take six con symbollically throw three times for opening then all the people begin to play . Blue and red balls are thrown very on con background with shout and cheer . Con background which is thrown in holes will be signal of verdant crop.

roong pooc sapa
The next game is tug of war .  A group of boys standing in the east holding the roof of rope  ( the rope using fo tug of war game ) . a group of girls standing in the west  holding the top of rope . Clainet and drum rising hurriedly makes the competition more impetious. Finishing the game the boys win and girls pretend to lose . the rope is not broken, the competition has winner and loser . This is the thing that all people in the village wish because its is a cheerful signal of foreshadowing a bumper crop. ceremony part finished , boys and girls split into many group to play tug of war , the tourist there do not be shy , please take part in this game with them in order to much more understand and love people in the ethnic area . while games are being taken place,boys and girls quitely leave the game and find the place to have heart to heart with each other through singing an instument call "dan moi " and through singing . 
All festival are finishesd , Roong Pooc festival alson finished , village patriarch hold a ceremony of lower the con pilar. Two strong boys with two buffaloes are choosen to plough five furrows "down the field " to signal a new crop begin .

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