Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sa Pa will hold the Snow Festival 2021

 Snow Festival is a unique event in Vietnam that only Sa Pa has. This is an annual festival, which has been organized by Lao Cai Provincial Tourism Information and Promotion Center since 2015 at Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province (North-west Vietnam).


Sa Pa Snow Festival had held the 6th season. In December 2021 Sa Pa Snow Festival continues to be organized by the Lao Cai Provincial Tourism Information and Promotion Center in coordination with Sa Pa authorities and local businesses. The festival has really become an attractive and unique tourism product of Sa Pa and an indispensable destination in winter for tourists who love the misty land.

Snowfall is a common natural phenomenon in temperate countries, but in Vietnam, a subtropical country, this is the most anticipated special event in winter. For many years Sa Pa has snowfall and the Snow Festival as an opening event for the annual snowfall season. Sa Pa located at an altitude of over 1500m above sea level with the roof of Indochina - Fansipan peak 3,143m, where ice and snow often appear in winter, becomes more and more attractive to tourists every Christmas season.

Sa Pa in the cold winter, the snow covering the mountains and forests, the roads and roofs around the town creates a splendid and glorious scene and it is also the time when the whole family and friends gather together, enjoy traditional warm dishes of Sa Pa such as thang co, salmon hot pot, dried buffalo meat, night barbecue or participating in crowded and bustling outdoor activities.


With the desire to bring unique tourism products to visitors to Sa Pa, the entire campus with nearly one ha wide at 02 Fansipan street, Sa Pa Town (opposite the horse yard and Sa Pa Church) is shimmeringly decorated with lights, sounds, flowers, scenes, etc., creating beautiful modern check-in frames such as the winter snow road, Sa Pa snow flower garden, snowy samu pine forest, snow villa, snow-covered terraced path, peach blossom garden - plum blossoms in the snow in the cherry blossom forest. During the Sa Pa Snow Festival in 2021, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy highland cuisine, watch the snow, immerse themselves in the Christmas space and celebrate the New Year with folk music and lively street music.

Sa Pa Snow Festival 2021 is completely free for the public to visit and experience at the end of December 2021.

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