Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thuong temple festival Lao Cai Sapa

Every year ,on the fifteenth of lunar month, ethnic compatriots in Lao Cai make pilgrimage to Lao Cai city - the sacred lang in the North pass - to mix with jubilant atmostphere o Thuong temple festival .Thuong temple is the place where worships grand Duke  Tran Huong Dao - the famous shogun / general of Army of Vietnam people  who command Dai Viet troops defending in Lao Cai frontier in 1257. From two to three years till now, Thuong temple festival has been organized by Lao Cai province on  a large  scale fundamentally consist of two path : festival and holiday. 
 The festival part in solemnly celebrated in temples, pagodas ôn Hòa Hiếu Hill. The holiday is taken place jubilantly and animatedly with a lot of special cheerful folk game as : Lion dances, tug or warm, Con throwing , people wrestle , stick pushing ,crossbow,cock-fighting,swing, human chess...
Besides festival days, on normal days compatriot of various ethnic origins in Lao Cai and people neighbouring province still come to Thuong temple to thurify for pray for blessing and go sightseeing ./.
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