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"Tet Nhay" Festival Dao Do ( Red Dao) People in Sapa

Dao Do people is one of people still keeps a lot of folklore funds, ceremonials ,traditional festival as dignitaries grant ( Le Cap Sac ), naturalization ceremony (Le nhap Tich ) ... In which " Tet Nhay " festival with lissom dance is one of unique ceremonial of Dao people , Dao people calls festival " giang chau dao " .. Every year, Dao Do people in Sapa organises Tet Nhay festival  this ceremonial often take place in two days  : the first and second day in January on the house of the head family . 
Tet Nhay festival is organized to make offering to ancestor, pray for people  in family tobe healthy in new year , the weather i fine , the crop is good, cattles anh fowl are healthy without epidemic disease ....
The beginning of Tet Nhay festival is to worship the ancestor, then the wizard starts to implement dance ceremonials . This is called " mua thieng " . A group of young people under instruction of the priest organize 14 dances to open the way. to build a bridge to pick their ancestor anh Godhead up to come to attend their Tet . 
tet nhay - dao do sapaWhen the dances to open way , to welcome their ancestor , Godhead finished , is also the time all  the families begin to greet ancestors statue . Dao people's ancestors statue besides  sacred anh noble meaning the are also unique sculpture artistic work.Ancestor statues are beautifully carved in old clothes with the length of 25 cm , diameter of the statue's body is  5 cm statue's right hand hold a badge reporting the ancestor's name .On normal days , the statue are wrapped  by white fabric . On Tet holiday,descendant lower statues and hold ceremony of talking bath for statue , change a new shawl for statues , bath water for statues is kind of fragrant water extracted from the cover of the tree called " sum mu ".
After talking bath for statues,descendant organize offering chiken dances .The priest and three young people hold red and yellow cock dancing offering chicken dances with movement of setting chicken on head ,carrying chicken on shoulder , both dancing and plucking chicken's head ... After finishing offering chicken dance ,flag dance begin .
Tet Nhay of Dao Do people in Sapa takes place from the end of Dragon time to the beginning of Rooster (Cock ) time .All Forms form folk art ,dance art ,musical art and words art talking about legend of family , ancestor's merit to plastic art with types of worship picture ,paper  cutting picture ,wood statue sculpture are lively expressed during the ceremony ... Therefore ,activities in Tet Nhay ceremony of Dao Do people in Sapa are appreciated  to be abundant in national character , unique and rich human culture.
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