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Festivals organized every year in Lao Cai Sapa P2

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11 . Gat Tu Tu festival of the black Ha Nhi in Y Ty - Bat Xat

  • Time: three days on Dragon ,Snake , Horse of January 
  • Place: in one's own house and  forbidden for rest at the beginning of the village .
  • Worship ancestors, Ga Mu forest deity, Ca chu ba ha ro water deity, praying for good crop , driving away epidemic diseases, evil spirits , giao duyen singing . 

12 Demons expelling ceremony greeting spring of the Xa Pho in An Thanh village - Gia Phu commune - Bao Thang.

  • Time: on Horse, Goat day of February.
  • Place in each family and in the area of flat land at the beginning of the village. 
  • Tam Linh devotion ceremony( pig, goat,dog) making up by mask but dancing according to demons expelling ceremonial by the way of using bamboo pipe to shoot on the ground ...

13 Nao Xong festival of the Mong

  • Time: on Dragon day of February .
  • Place: forbidden forrest of the village. 
  • Worshiping the God of the soil , setting village regulation, holding an oath-taking ceremony . 

14 Lap Tich ceremony of the Dao Ho at  Khe Mu village - Bao Thang district

  • Time: choosing leisure month before or after Tet holiday. 
  • Place: in the family and the precinct of the person who makes "Lap tich " 
  • The ceremonial test and pratice the person  who makes Lap tich as jumping from high tower down to hammock net, advice ceremonial ,... ceremonial dances as trong dat dance, sap dance, chicken dance .....

15 Kho Gia Gia festival of the Ha Nhi Den - Bat Xat district 

  • Time: four days ( Dragon , Snake , Horse , Goat ) june 
  • Place  Forbidden forrest of the village. 
  • Buffalo offering ceremony, rope swinging, wheel swinging, giao duyen singing, boys and girls love, ceremonial dance and sing the song " Rice Mother " of old women. 

16 June 23rd Tet of the Pa Di - Muong Khuong 

  • Time: on June 23rd 
  • Place: in each family and at the village 
  • Worship the village deity, ceremony of wishing children well, giao duyen singing, playing teeter, " danh en " 

17 Victory congratulation Tet of the Nung Din in Muong Khuong and Bao Ha

  • Time: on July 1st 
  • Place: in family and the flat land where plant banana near house . 
  • Offering Thu Ty deity by food processed from banana, banana flower, banana core, green banana seven colour stick rice symbolized banana tree and a red pair of chopstick, sing folk songs about the against aggressor victories....

18 Green rice festival of the Tay - Bao Yen 

  • Time: on August 15th 
  • Place  in the house and precinct of chief village 
  • Green rice pounding competion, Nang trang offering, ceremony of inviting Nang  trang to Earth, gia duyen singing, Pounding green rice  according to the melody called " Keng loong " weaving dance .... 

19  New rice ceremony of the La Chi - Bac Ha 

  • Time: on the day of ripening rice 
  • Place: in family and on the field .
  • Symbolical harvesting ceremonial , cooking new rice, offering new rice to ancestors with " special food ": dried buffalo meat, stream fish, bird, dried mouse, boys and girls swing , giao duyen singing .... 

20 New rice ceremony and banana flower festival of the Xa Pho - Van Ban district  

  • Time: September 9th 
  • Place: in the house of the chief village and in each family . 
  • Raising a banana tree to arrange varieties of  flower included banana flower , dancing for bumper crop, offering  new rice and " special food " dried fish, dried mouse. bird, taro ,... dancing to describe the movement of harvesting rice, hunting ....
Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine


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