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Traditional Down to field festival of Tay people (Hoi xuong dong festival) - Van Ban district

Every year from the fifth day of Tet to the fifteenth day of January , Tay people in Van Ban district organize "Xuong Dong " festival beginning a new production process. 

Worship ceremony for opening " Xuong Dong " festival will be started when a bell tone ringing . The powwow respectfully invites village deity , deity of streams , deity of mountains to attend ceremony with village .After con pillar worship , the powwow gives two con balls filled with rice, cotton ball and a few sand to an old woman . This woman will throw those balls to a couple of boys and girls  ( not married ) .This couple will be the first couple taking part in "con" throwing competition on "con" background which "con" ball thrown through "con" background the powwow will slit that con ball to get cotton seeds and rice in it mixing with roasted rice and then scatter the people attending festival . These rice mean to receive as much as possible . 

Next game is tug of war. At the first tug of war is regarded as cereminial but then everyone takes parts in . Side of families above water mine competes with side of families below the water mine . The most cheerfull and attractive game is cooking fighting and buffalo fight. Cooks and buffaloes here are not  real cocks and buffaloes but cocks are made by banana inflorescense , buffaloes are made by  bamboo but the game still take place enthusiastically , which are attractive to viewer and players feel as they are in real competitions. 

Afer games is dance festival . In the rhythm of drum , a group of 12 people  ( boy and girls ) hold shield and sword to perform sword dance . When sword dance is finished , gong and drum-beat rises to attract people to take part in dancing "xoe vong " . the Drum is in the middle , the spread circle around the drum is more  and more enlarged because anyone wants to touch th circle in order to have an endless game.

"Xuong Dong " festival is a special crop pray  festival of Tay people - Van Ban . Both festival part and holiday part reflect people's wish for bumper crop, good heath , many children and grandchildren .Besides that , "Xuong Dong " festival also implies  a system of belief impacting on developing  ture as reproduction - water- sun - rice 

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