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Roóng Poọc Festival of Giay people

Roong Pooc means go down the field. This is Spring festival organized every year on Dragon day of January according to Lunar calendar in order to Pray abundant crop , health, properousness ,fine , weather.
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The place for opening this festival is quite flat field at the head of the village . Giay People name that Field Na Roong Pooc ( mean go down the field ) . .At the centre of the field is a high con tree made by apricot  tree with a circle on the top. That circle has two sides , on ticked with red paper symbolized  for sky.one sticked with yellow paper symbolized for Moon . The side with Red sky is decorated by three fringes made as paper flower with colour of blue ,red, violet,yellow anh the side with Moon is decorated by the shape symbolized for Yan and Yang . The offering of powpow consist of offering symbolized for properousness : a white raw cloth ,two plates of boiled eggs dyed red , plate of fried fish , two bamboo shoots , red steam glution rice , even small bowls , seven pairs of chopsticks ,... five silver dimes set on a plate and six con of girls without husband .

Godhead offering ceremony praying health for people and properousness for evetything is the first part of festival . After finishing offering , orchestra drum , gong , pile wind intrustment will be resounded singal of symbolic ceremonial games starting . Con throwing is opening game . the elderly , one site is male and one is female , take six con symbollically throw three times for opening then all the people begin to play . Blue and red balls are thrown very on con background with shout and cheer . Con background which is thrown in holes will be signal of verdant crop.

roong pooc sapa
The next game is tug of war .  A group of boys standing in the east holding the roof of rope  ( the rope using fo tug of war game ) . a group of girls standing in the west  holding the top of rope . Clainet and drum rising hurriedly makes the competition more impetious. Finishing the game the boys win and girls pretend to lose . the rope is not broken, the competition has winner and loser . This is the thing that all people in the village wish because its is a cheerful signal of foreshadowing a bumper crop. ceremony part finished , boys and girls split into many group to play tug of war , the tourist there do not be shy , please take part in this game with them in order to much more understand and love people in the ethnic area . while games are being taken place,boys and girls quitely leave the game and find the place to have heart to heart with each other through singing an instument call "dan moi " and through singing . 
All festival are finishesd , Roong Pooc festival alson finished , village patriarch hold a ceremony of lower the con pilar. Two strong boys with two buffaloes are choosen to plough five furrows "down the field " to signal a new crop begin .

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