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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fansipan Express Bus to Sapa -sleeper bus

Fansipan Express bus is a modern tourist sleeping bus and one of the best services direct Bus from Ha Noi to Sapa round trip-the bus has 38 Sleepers berth comfortable and new, and the travel is accompanied by an English speaking guide who can help with anything you need. It's has a flexible daily schedule timetable departure. it's very easy to book and plan your trip to Sapa.

Fansipan bus From Hanoi to Sapa
Depart time: 07.00, 22.00pm

Fansipan  bus From Sapa to Hanoi

Depart time: 13.00pm, 15.30, 22.00pm

Fansipan Express bus  Price cost 
 From 12 Usd / pax / way

Fansipan Express bus review on tripadvisor 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bus Cat Ba toSapa

Bus Cat Ba to Sapa-Lao Cai  (round trip ),bus route is approximately  12 hours ,distance is 758 km in length.There is about 1 bus schedules on this route by Duy Long Bus Company.
bus sapa to cat ba
Sleeper bus cat ba to sapa

Cat Ba to Sapa bus schedule daily : 

  • 06:30 Am depart from Cat Ba bus station
  • 06:30 Pm arrival Sapa bus Station . 
Sapa-Cat Ba bus schedule daily :
  • 7:00 AM from Sapa bus station 

Bus sapa cat ba

In the route goes from Cat Ba to Sa Pa, Lao Cai will have time to rest in two complex station includes many items such as gas stations, restaurant ... to serve you in the country. Dining area, specialty shopping with airy restaurant, and clean, food variety, serves most of the needs of  all people.

Cat Ba  to Sapa bus ticket price : 550.000 VNĐ - 600.000  / ticket  / way

How to book bus ticket from Cat Ba to Sapa : 
you can booking via . 
or contact us , we will help you book ticket . When you want to book the bus ticket Cat Ba to Sapa , Please give us your information details such as your name  , date depart, telephone number ( optional )
Have good trip from Cat Ba to sapa 

Thursday, May 25, 2017


ET-Pumpkin Limousine Bus Sapa ,was invested by ET-Pumpkin Travel Company, the Interior of the car is designed for 19 seats to create a spacious, comfortable space for passengers.
Styling chairs designed in an intelligent way (keep the spine back and neck) ensure health for users. Besides, the car is also equipped with many additional Add-ons such as 3 g wifi system superior; the refrigerator; DVD screen and reading lights for each passenger, ... along with the decorative details are installed in the most delicate, as adding to the luxury and comfort of the car.


ET-Pumpkin Limousine HaNoi  to sapa  schedule : 

  • 6:30 AM : Pick up tourist at old quater 
  • 7:00 AM : Depart to Sapa on Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway 
  • 8:30 AM : stop over at KM 57 for tea-break .Tourist can taste local food, payment by yourself 
  • 11:30 AM : stop over at 237 . relax to riding Sapa's Pass
  • 12:30 - 1:00 Pm Arrival Sapa center . 

ET-Pumpkin Limousine Sapa to Hanoi  schedule :

  • 3:30 Pm : pick up tourist at ET Pumpkin office at PUMPKIN SAPA HOTEL (014 Đong Loi  street, Sapa town) 
  • 4:00 PM : Depart to HaNoi on Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway 
  • 5:00 AM : stop over at KM 237 for tea-break .Tourist can taste local food . 
  • 8:30 PM : stop over at 57 . relax to riding Sapa's Pass
  • 21:00 PM  Arrival HaNoi.Drop off at your hotel.

ET-Pumpkin Limousine price : Contact us for detail : 
Including : 
  • Tour guide
  • Ice tissue
  • Insurance
Excluding : food or tea at stop over
Note : 
  • The price of the ticket can be adjusted to less 30% and holiday.
  • Children under the age of 5 is free (father / mother sat)
  • Children over the age of 5 like adult

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Sapa's Travelling are always attractive in each destination tourists when planning to explore Vietnam and Northern General. Sapa travel today as easily found by transport infrastructure and development are increasingly powerful, including the ongoing development of the transport industry is increasingly higher quality than upgrades. Green Lion Bus Sapa, is luxury limousine van to  sapa  only seats 9 on  the car  .  Making feeling of relaxation after the Sapa's journey .

Enthusiastic team of staff always give a friendly feeling for Tourist.

 Green Lion Bus Hanoi – Sapa Bus Schedule:
  • 06:45 a.m – 07:15 a.m : Pick up at your hotel (Hanoi Old Quarter). Taken 5.5-hour. 2 stop over  20-minutes / once  tea-breaks on  the way
  • 12:30 – 13:00 : Arrive at your hotel in Sapa Town
Sapa – Hanoi Bus Schedule
  • 14:45 – 15:15 : Pick up at your hotel in Sapa Town . Please be at bus office 30 minutes before departuring.Taken 5.5-hour. 2 stop over 20-minutes / once  tea-breaks on  the way.
  • 21:00 – 21:30 : Arrive at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter
  • 30.0 $ / pax / way : A Class ( 04 Private VVip Seats ) 
  • 25.0 $ / pax / way : B Class ( 03 Vip Seats at the end of Car ) 
  • Total 09 seats but only 06 passengers on Bus 
Green lion bus sapa

Green lion bus sapa1

Green lion bus sapa2

Green lion bus sapa2

Green lion bus sapa2

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hanoi bus 17 route NoiBai airport to HaNoi city centre

How to travel to Hanoi for cheap? or how to get the Bus from Noi Bai airport to  Hanoi Centre? ... a lot of the question that many many tourist  asked   when  Admin was hotel in Hanoi's old quarter. so today sapatravelblog sent the visitors Hanoi  bus 17  route 

Working Time : 
Operating Time: 5h00 – 20h30 (5h05 – 22h30)
Frequency: 10-15 minutes / course
Length: 34,7 km
Single way ticket: VND 9.000d/ ticket / person / course

Long Bien Bus station - Noi Bai airport schedule  
Long Bien bus station – Yen Phu – Long Bien transit point – Tran Nhat Duat – Chuong Duong Bridge – Nguyen Van Cu – Ngo Gia Tu – Chuong Duong Bridge – Highway No.3 – Doc Van – Co Loa – Dong Anh – Nguyen Khe – Phu Lo – Highway No 2 – Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai airport - Long Bien  Bus station  schedule  : 
Noi Bai Airport – Highway No. 2 – Phu Lo – Nguyen Khe – Dong Anh – Co Loa – Doc Van – Highway No 3 – Duong Bridge – Ngo Gia Tu – Nguyen Van Cu – Chuong Duong Bridge – Tran Nhat Duat – Long Bien transit point – Yen Phu – Turning at Cua Bac – Long Bien bus station

How to get the bus 17  : 

Now it is easy to find a bus stop , let's set up  this app on you mobile at Itune store or CH Play  : Hanoi Bus (made by As soft ) tìm buýt ( Made by transerco ) , Hanoi Bus ( Xe Buyt Ha Noi by BHMEDIA ) BusMapHN by Lê Yên Thanh...... At the app you search bus 17 , you can see, and find out bus stop near by your standing . 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sapa Express bus

Over view Sapa Express :

Sapa Express Bus  is the high quality  from HaNoi to Sapa .with 4 bus per day  are the Mordern Noble Limousine 29 seat . Each of bus with new modern interior : Air-conditioner, Wifi, wide seat  create comfortable feeling for passengers in the journey.Beside that sapa express have free Wet tissue, mineral water,Bread and some snacks,Travel blanket and pillow, English speaking tour guide.

Hanoi to Sapa Bus Schedule  detail 

06h30: pick up at your hotel in the Old Quarter by minivan  and transfer to Sapa Express' Office, No.12 Ly Thai To Street.
07h00: Start departure to Sapa.  
08h30: Have a rest-stop at Km57 for 30 minutes, here if you need extra refreshment, and that allows you to go to toilet also.
11h30: For the safety before going up mountain pass to Sapa, stop within 15 minutes at Km 237 for the second rest-stop.
12h30: Arrive in Sapa Town - stop at our office, No 02 Fanxipan Street.

Sapa to Hanoi Bus Schedule  detail :

15h30: Pick up at our office, No.02 Fanxipan - Sapa. Please be at office 40 minutes before departing .
16h00: Start departure to Hanoi.  On the way back to HaNoi you will have 2 stop for break at Km 237 Station and  at Km57 Station for 30 minutes. 
20h30: Our bus will pass Noi Bai domestic and international Airports where you can get off the bus surely.
21h30: Arrive in Hanoi and stop at No.12 Ly Thai To Street. Get in the minivan back to your hotel.

Sapa Express bus reviews : 

Let's check review from tourist on Tripadvisor : 
Sapa express bus review
Screen shot from tripadvisor .

Sapa express price : Click to booking . 

Have a good trip !
Leave commend if you have any question

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Eco Bus Sapa| limousine bus to sapa

Established in 2015 , Eco Sapa Bus., JSC, we are experienced specialists in supplying transportation, travel services to corporate and individual customers in Vietnam and abroad . 
Eco Bus Sapa is  first company offering Dcar Limousine Bus Hanoi – Sapa – Hanoi. The comfort is high as the van is equipped with only 9 flight seats instead of the normal 16 seats.Eco Bus  offer daily bus Hanoi – Sapa – Hanoi with the fixed schedules : 
Eco bus sapa
Screen shot from

Eco Bus Sapa  timetable from Ha Noi  : 
07:00 – 07:30 Pick up at your hotel (Hanoi Old Quarter)
5-hour direct drive incl. 20-minute break
12:30 – 13:00 Arrive at your hotel in Sapa Town

Eco sapa bus timetable from Sapa : 
15:05 – 15:30 Pick up at your hotel in Sapa Town

5-hour direct drive incl. 20-minute break

21:00 – 21:30 Arrive at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter
Eco bus sapa review on Tripadvisor :  
Let's see tourist feeling about this Bus on tripadvisor :
Eco sapa bus review
screen shot from tripadvisor check at 5th  Nov 2016 
where can you book Eco Sapa Bus :
You can book at agency or your hotel . or you can go to the Eco sapa bus office web  : 

Other search : 

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Have good trip !

Leave commend if you have any suggestion or question . 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Queen Bus Sapa

Queen Bus Sapa  invested and operated by tour companies queen and belong to Queen Open Cafe Bus system , every car that has 38 berths.
The interior is designed with a comfortable space for passengers in each trip sapa. Special services: luxury sleeper car, the fare included cold towels and drinks in the car, free wifi, toilets European standards is also equipped on the vehicle
Along the way, you will have chance to contemplate the beauty of northwest mountains that terraced fields are sparkling in sunlight or dim in thick fog. Have a short break in 30 minutes then continue  travelling to Sa Pa.

Queen Bus Ha Noi  to Sapa Timetable : 

 Hà Nội => SAPA 
Type bus : 38 berths 
Time Depart
07:00 AM 
13.00 PM
22.00 PM
Time Arrival
14.00 PM
19.00 PM
4.00 AM

Their tour guide and drivers pick you up at your hotel around old quater at 6- 6:30 Am or 9 : 00Am  (depend on your trip ) by small van . You will get in the big bus at  No. 208 Tran Quang Khai  Street  ( Queen Buss Official )  then depart to Sapa, following Noi Bai - Lao Cai high-way .
Queen Bus Sapa  to Hà Nội Timetable : 

  SAPA = > Hà Nội
Type bus : 38 berths
Time Depart
 08.00 AM
13.30 PM
16.00 PM
22.00 PM
Time Arrival
14.00 PM
19.00 PM
21.30 PM
4.00 AM

 Please be at 72 Ngu Chi Son Street – Lucky Hostel – (Near Tennis courts)  40 minutes departure to confirm and check in the bus , then come back to Ha Noi  by Bus Queen Cafe Vip Open Bus , following Lao Cai - Hanoi high-way. on the way you will have 30 minutes for short break.

Note : 
  • Children under 3 years old is be free
  • Children from 4 to 6 of age is applied 75% of adult fare (seating bus)
  • Children over 7 years old is applied as adult (seating bus)
Where can you book Queen Sapa bus : 

You can go to the Official at  No. 208 Tran Quang Khai  Street , or you can book at some travel agency at old quater and yours hotel.
Queen Sapa bus review on tripadvisor : 

Let's see  traveler review  :
Screen shot from Tripadvisor
May be traveler  not satisfied as they have 74 terrible  (^_^)

Let's leave comment if you have any question,

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sapa Ebus Line

Sapa Ebus Line is the line Hyundai Universe Express new generation design, wide seat  create comfortable feeling for passengers in the itinerary, travel to sapa,in addition to the basic equipment,Ebus line also add phone charger after each seat,free wifi.

Departure  :Bus and tour guide of E BUS LINE will pick you up at the office, No. 22 , Nguyen Huu Huan street , Hoan Kiem District , Ha noi ( Golden Spring Hotel ) or in the old town area of Hanoi, begining to depart for Sapa towards the highway Noi bai - Lao Cai. On the way will stop to rest for about 30 minutes at Yen Bai and then continue the journey to Sapa.
Time depart at 7 : 00 Am
Return  :  at 30 Luong Dinh Cua street Of sapa Town. Time  3:30 Pm 
Price : 250.000 vnd / way 
  • Car 41-seat new life VIP seats ( With foot support ) 
  • Wifi on the car 2-way 
  • Free drinking water 2 bottles/ person /2 way 
  • English speaking guide shuttle 2-dimensional 
  • Car pick up at your hotel in the old Town 
  • USB ports have power to charge phone battery on each chair 
  • Insurance passengers when using the transport services
Where can you book Ebusline sapa  ticket  : 
Traveler can book ticket at your hotel where you stay in Ha Noi . because all of hotel at oldquater  are agency of E Bus line ( Inter bus ) or You can  book at some booking offical around street , You should bargain price . 
You can go to Enter Bus office at 22 Nguyen Huu Huan street 

Let's commend if you want to ask us ? 
Have a good trip !!
 source :interbuslines (dot) com

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Public bus Lao Cai to Sapa

If traveling by train to sapa, Lao cai when you can catch a public bus up to sapa by Bus number B02  from the central bus station in Lao Cai-Sapa Church.
Route Depart  : central bus station in Lao Cai- Tran Hung Dao street - Lao Cai station - Hoang Lien Son street - Road 4D-Sapa Town.
Departure time 5h10, 5h30, 6h00, 6h20, 7h00, 7h20, 7h55, 8h25, 9h00, 9h20, 10h00, 10h20, 10h55, 11h25, 11h55, 12h25, 13h00, 13h20, 13h55, 14h25, 15h00, 15h20, 16h00, 16h20, 17h00, 17h20, 18h00.

Route Return bus B02 : Sapa town - Lao Cai Bus station  :Sapa Town = >Road 4D=> Hoang Lien Son street=>Lao Cai station=>Tran Hung Dao street=>central bus station in Lào Cai
Departure time : 5h10, 5h30, 6h00, 6h20, 7h00, 7h20, 7h55, 8h25, 9h00, 9h20, 10h00, 10h20, 10h55, 11h25, 11h55, 12h25, 13h00, 13h20, 13h55, 14h25, 15h00, 15h20, 16h00, 16h20, 17h00, 17h20, 18h00.

Price : Single way ticket : 15.000 VNĐ / ticket / person / course.
You can contact with Sonha bus by Hotline :  0203. 65 65 65
Source :by Sonha bus 

Monday, May 16, 2016

High Quality Public Bus Transit From Noi Bai Airport( HAN ) To Ha Noi Train station

Noi bai airport - Ha Noi station bus
Bus #86
Hanoi People's Committee has approved a proposal agreed by the General Transport Company (Hanoi Transerco) on the opening of high-quality bus Hanoi Noi Bai routine Airport to Ha Noi station .Praise-worthy with backpackers People and passengers in general sufficient to discovery Hanoi and the Northern of Vietnam  The Bus  move from the lobby T2 (International train station) to Hanoi Railway Station. The Bus Number is #86

Hanoi airport bus 86 Timetable :

Time opened terminal at Hanoi Railway Station is 5h10, close station at 22h30. At Noi Bai airport terminal opens at 6:30 and closes at 23h30 station. Running time of about 50-55 minutes on the service car / turn; the car is expected to run from 80-94 times / days .

The Routine of the Bus #86 :  the route to the airport costs VND 30,000 (1,5 usd)

Hanoi airport bus 86 schedule

From Ha Noi station : Ha Noi station = > Tran Hung Dao street  - Da Tuong Street - Ly Thuong Kiet str - Hang Bai str - Hoan Kiem lake - Tran Quang Khai str - Long Bien bus station - Nhat Tan bridge - Vo Nguyen Giap str - Noi Bai airport

 From Noi Bai airport : Bus parking location station-Noi Bai airport international terminal T2 (1st floor lobby Arrivals) beyond the road bridge Giap Vo Nguyen Giap-domestic terminal T1 (Arrivals Hall 1st floor) shell Nguyen Giap Nhat Tan-demand-Nghi Tam Au-Yen Phu (dedicated line between buses) Long Bien bus station-Tran Nhat Duat-Tran Quang Khai-Trang Tien-Le Thanh Tong-Hai Ba Trung Ngo Quyen-Ly Thuong Kiet Le Duan street-Hanoi Railway Station.

Sapa tour Discount