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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nam Sai - Nam Cang attractive tourist in sapa

Nam Sai - Nam Cang : these two communes located in low district of  Sapa in Nam Cang valley and locked by Nam Cang Ho range at the back. The system of rivulet here is sparse  or narrow. And the road is only developed in recent time.In recent years, tourist in foreign and a few in home country have flocked to travel in Nam Cang and Nam Sai. They stop in Ban Ho for visiting Nam Cang and Nam Sai commune.Coming to Nam Cang, Tourist can witness its innovation on many aspects due to poverty reduction,studying the newly formed "cultural village" comparing culture of white Mong with black Mong And Mong Hoa ethnic group. In Nam Cang, dispite of its moutain road, there are many motors moving on the road. Nam Cang is not separated with "outside areas"owning to its broadcast on radio and television.

Nam Sai commune meets more difficulties, but still attract many tourist. People come to Nam Sai on anthropology because in their opinion. Xa Pho are the most ancient people existing and Hoang Lien moutain is place of birth of these people. At the present, Xa Pho people are growing forest garden,changing structure of plant,animal, and applying the advanced technique to production by state's support.

Bang Khoang anh Ta Giang Phinh commune are two tourist areas of North pole although they are located nearer district than Muong Hoa , Muong Bo, Nam Cang.
The unique, interesting, grandiose landscape of this area is Ta Giang Phinh range where tourist may enjoy from far distance.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai here is means "old village" 'old farm" or " old inhabitance " . History has proved that Mong ethnic people lived along time Lao Chải was established by Lý ancestry and Giang ancestry . Their living houses are very simple , but contour fields have been  elaborately made by sweats and tears of many generations. Batter by batter and cascade by cascade is on spring , and the field  leads to hillside .A suspension connecting two banks ở Mường Hoa stream also makes Lao Chai more charming . The ancestry of Mong ethnic group are very  good at maintaining their culture rich in national traditions. National researchers can find here many typical points of group structure, the organization of family , ancestries, culture and belief and Mong costume   

Lao Cai Village is 3 kilometer away from Sapa Town , and where the North of Lao Chai village is close to Sapa Town and Sapa Commune , The East side of Lao Chai village is close to Hau Thao commune , The West side of Lao cai is near San San Ha village . Lao Chai Is on Muong Lay valley on the left - hand side and the right-hand side . 

If Touris wish to visit the top system of Hoang Lien Son group , especially the high point of 2538 meters, tourist guiders will help to satifsy your demand

How to go to Lao Chai village : 

From the Sapa Town  you can  catch the Motor bike , price around 9 usd . Or taxi. The most tourist choose trekking as on the way to Ta Van village is the most beautiful road to take a picture .

Where to stay in Lao Chai village : 

In Ta Van village has a lot of home stay you can choose. Cost of homestay is 7usd / night 

Ta Van-Lao Chai entrance fee : 50.000 vnd  / tourist 

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ta Van village in Sapa

If you want to get to Ta Van village , you can go from the centre Sapa Town to the centre of the village with length more than 7 km .The north side of the village is next to Hau Thao, Lao Chai , Su Pan , meanwhile , the south side of village is next to Ban Ho , the east side is next to Ban Ho village, the west side is close to Muong Hoa commune . 
Ta van means "a great tortuous road " as a hoop of bamboo basket,foot of tripod. the terrace field with posture of immense " tortuous road " is tourist spot  and unique feature of Ta Van . The acient pine forest Seo Mi Ty  which is over a half of day climb far from the town centre is an interesting spot.
Ethnic  are mainly the H’Mong ethnic, Giay, and Red Dao… with approximately 1000 people.Growing rice is the major profession of the dzay. Besides, they also produce instruments and engraved silver. They live in both stilted houses and common houses with a solemn central part which is served as a place for ancestor altar and guest reception. The Giay have quite various cultures with fairy-tale, poetry, proverbs and riddles.
Costumes of the Giay are simple: women with short eczema, wearing cloth bag with embroidered flowers; man also wears pants and shirt. If having the opportunity to come here, visitors can enjoy some special dishes of ethnic Giay such as: roast fish of Muong Hum, horse meat of Muong Khuong, sticky rice of Van Ban… and enjoy festivals, folk games of the dzay: Nao Cong, Roong Pooc… and participate in tours of the village.

How to go to Ta Van village

From the Sapa Town  you can  catch the Motor bike , price around 9 usd . Or taxi. The most tourist choose trekking as on the way to Ta Van village is the most beautiful road to take a picture .

Where to stay in Ta Van village : In Ta Van village has a lot of home stay you can choose. 

Ta Van entrance fee : 50.000 vnd  / tourist . 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Discovery Ta Phin Grotto

About  one kilometer away from people's committee of Ta Phin  to the north , there is limestone mountain which is an access of Hong Lien Son range . At the foot of range , there is small mountain with mouth of a cave  in the height of about 5m , width of 3m exposuring an entry to the underground .After about 30m through in the dark and rough ,it is visible another cave where it is divided into various ways towards the earth . These places are steep, anyone must cling their hands to the tails of rock for accessing . It is possible to reach to several directions from these small branches , even you may arrive at your departure place after along  time going in these zigzag routes. 

Following a large branch, we may feel passing through the peak of mountain . The way is tortuous , up and down , larger at some places look like a women were  carrying her child, some places like bathing faries without clothes on their body , some places like a huge tray of steamed glutinous rice with slightly white rough rock , some place like an immaculate white column of house hanging down from the top . ... Especially , in the largest place of the bed of grotto , in the height of about 8 meters , there is mineral hanging down and up , brightly like sapphire , on the head of these mineral , there is drop of water which is running from the top of mountain , then stop on these head , dropping and dropping in an illusory space .

The inside opens a space located with a inclined huge engraved with images of the foot of cock and hoof of horse which are links to many legend of the local community . The opposite rock's wall appears engravings of French letters which is still readable after along time of dust covering . 

There is still secret about Ta Phin Grotto where is worthy researching , archeology and tourism needed to have protection and conservation  . 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Travel sapa - Famous Destinations ,P1

Tourist visiting Sapa will have opportunity to fall into the rhythm of life here , view imposing scenery,enjoy specialties of local residents and and visit famous palace in Sapa to discover and get more understanding of the land and people .Most popular famous destination : 

Rattan Bridge : Made  of rattans - climbers in the forest . Bridges abutment is made  of ancient trees . The whole bridge spring when being stepped on . this is kind of most ancient bridge made from natural material in forest area Viet Nam . 

Silver Water fall  : is nearly 150 meter high and falls into the stream on O Qui Ho valley to integrate in Muong Hoa stream which runs along Muong Hoa valley leading to Red River  Through Ha Noi to East Sea . 
Cat Cat Village  : A village of H'Mong group and famous for  beautiful Golden stream  and black smith trade . Cat Cat hydropower station is the first power supply in Sapa since 1940 . 

Sky gate :  located at the border of Sapa commune and Lai Chau , provides good view of Phan xi pang and O Qui Ho valley . Underneath  is the pass party to Binh Lu .

Muong Hoa : the Most beautiful and largest valley in Sapa with prosperous village and contour fields stretching along Muong Hoa stream.

Stone Church : was built in 1935 on the funds raised by Father Ramond . It was bommed by French soldiers in 1935 . Only the bell tower still remain . The front yard is a place for ethnic group to exchange goods ,chat and relax. 

Abandon Monastery :  is a convent but was abandoned since it had not been completed . This Convent and green fields will belong to a new tourist base Sapa in the short coming time . Here exist the type of red  moss which grows on ly Sapa .
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ban Ho Village -The Best trekking tour in Sapa

Ban Ho village
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The name of Ban Ho village  : may be due to Ban Ho includes many rivulets streams and the central village  is close to waterfall roaring for all years , ancient call Ban Ho , Ban Nuoc .  

Ban Ho Village  located in the south - west of the district is th last one by the right bank of Muong Hoa valley with a part towards the land by the left bank. Ba Ho  Commune has the large area, where is bounded by Thanh Kim,Su Pan commune in the north , by Ho Mit of Than Uyen district in the south with the tail of Hoang Lien Son range as the line of demarcation, Nam Xe commune ,Van Ban district  has Nam Cang Ho Dao as the line, bordering Ho Mit commune to the Southeast , and Nam Sai , Nam Cang commune  to the east . 

From Ba Ho Village , Tourist may spread to three way  : Thank Kim  - Ban Phung in the left bank of Ngoi Bo , Thanh Phu - Suoi Thau on the right bank of Muong Bo , These two ways belong to Muong Bo valley , and  Nam Sai - Nam Cang belong to Nam Cang Ho valley . 

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