Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai here is means "old village" 'old farm" or " old inhabitance " . History has proved that Mong ethnic people lived along time Lao Chải was established by Lý ancestry and Giang ancestry . Their living houses are very simple , but contour fields have been  elaborately made by sweats and tears of many generations. Batter by batter and cascade by cascade is on spring , and the field  leads to hillside .A suspension connecting two banks ở Mường Hoa stream also makes Lao Chai more charming . The ancestry of Mong ethnic group are very  good at maintaining their culture rich in national traditions. National researchers can find here many typical points of group structure, the organization of family , ancestries, culture and belief and Mong costume   

Lao Cai Village is 3 kilometer away from Sapa Town , and where the North of Lao Chai village is close to Sapa Town and Sapa Commune , The East side of Lao Chai village is close to Hau Thao commune , The West side of Lao cai is near San San Ha village . Lao Chai Is on Muong Lay valley on the left - hand side and the right-hand side . 

If Touris wish to visit the top system of Hoang Lien Son group , especially the high point of 2538 meters, tourist guiders will help to satifsy your demand

How to go to Lao Chai village : 

From the Sapa Town  you can  catch the Motor bike , price around 9 usd . Or taxi. The most tourist choose trekking as on the way to Ta Van village is the most beautiful road to take a picture .

Where to stay in Lao Chai village : 

In Ta Van village has a lot of home stay you can choose. Cost of homestay is 7usd / night 

Ta Van-Lao Chai entrance fee : 50.000 vnd  / tourist 

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