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Ban Ho Village -The Best trekking tour in Sapa

Ban Ho village
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The name of Ban Ho village  : may be due to Ban Ho includes many rivulets streams and the central village  is close to waterfall roaring for all years , ancient call Ban Ho , Ban Nuoc .  

Ban Ho Village  located in the south - west of the district is th last one by the right bank of Muong Hoa valley with a part towards the land by the left bank. Ba Ho  Commune has the large area, where is bounded by Thanh Kim,Su Pan commune in the north , by Ho Mit of Than Uyen district in the south with the tail of Hoang Lien Son range as the line of demarcation, Nam Xe commune ,Van Ban district  has Nam Cang Ho Dao as the line, bordering Ho Mit commune to the Southeast , and Nam Sai , Nam Cang commune  to the east . 

From Ba Ho Village , Tourist may spread to three way  : Thank Kim  - Ban Phung in the left bank of Ngoi Bo , Thanh Phu - Suoi Thau on the right bank of Muong Bo , These two ways belong to Muong Bo valley , and  Nam Sai - Nam Cang belong to Nam Cang Ho valley . 

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