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Travel sapa - Famous Destinations ,P1

Tourist visiting Sapa will have opportunity to fall into the rhythm of life here , view imposing scenery,enjoy specialties of local residents and and visit famous palace in Sapa to discover and get more understanding of the land and people .Most popular famous destination : 

Rattan Bridge : Made  of rattans - climbers in the forest . Bridges abutment is made  of ancient trees . The whole bridge spring when being stepped on . this is kind of most ancient bridge made from natural material in forest area Viet Nam . 

Silver Water fall  : is nearly 150 meter high and falls into the stream on O Qui Ho valley to integrate in Muong Hoa stream which runs along Muong Hoa valley leading to Red River  Through Ha Noi to East Sea . 
Cat Cat Village  : A village of H'Mong group and famous for  beautiful Golden stream  and black smith trade . Cat Cat hydropower station is the first power supply in Sapa since 1940 . 

Sky gate :  located at the border of Sapa commune and Lai Chau , provides good view of Phan xi pang and O Qui Ho valley . Underneath  is the pass party to Binh Lu .

Muong Hoa : the Most beautiful and largest valley in Sapa with prosperous village and contour fields stretching along Muong Hoa stream.

Stone Church : was built in 1935 on the funds raised by Father Ramond . It was bommed by French soldiers in 1935 . Only the bell tower still remain . The front yard is a place for ethnic group to exchange goods ,chat and relax. 

Abandon Monastery :  is a convent but was abandoned since it had not been completed . This Convent and green fields will belong to a new tourist base Sapa in the short coming time . Here exist the type of red  moss which grows on ly Sapa .
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