Monday, November 7, 2016

Discovery Ta Phin Grotto

About  one kilometer away from people's committee of Ta Phin  to the north , there is limestone mountain which is an access of Hong Lien Son range . At the foot of range , there is small mountain with mouth of a cave  in the height of about 5m , width of 3m exposuring an entry to the underground .After about 30m through in the dark and rough ,it is visible another cave where it is divided into various ways towards the earth . These places are steep, anyone must cling their hands to the tails of rock for accessing . It is possible to reach to several directions from these small branches , even you may arrive at your departure place after along  time going in these zigzag routes. 

Following a large branch, we may feel passing through the peak of mountain . The way is tortuous , up and down , larger at some places look like a women were  carrying her child, some places like bathing faries without clothes on their body , some places like a huge tray of steamed glutinous rice with slightly white rough rock , some place like an immaculate white column of house hanging down from the top . ... Especially , in the largest place of the bed of grotto , in the height of about 8 meters , there is mineral hanging down and up , brightly like sapphire , on the head of these mineral , there is drop of water which is running from the top of mountain , then stop on these head , dropping and dropping in an illusory space .

The inside opens a space located with a inclined huge engraved with images of the foot of cock and hoof of horse which are links to many legend of the local community . The opposite rock's wall appears engravings of French letters which is still readable after along time of dust covering . 

There is still secret about Ta Phin Grotto where is worthy researching , archeology and tourism needed to have protection and conservation  . 

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