Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nam Sai - Nam Cang attractive tourist in sapa

Nam Sai - Nam Cang : these two communes located in low district of  Sapa in Nam Cang valley and locked by Nam Cang Ho range at the back. The system of rivulet here is sparse  or narrow. And the road is only developed in recent time.In recent years, tourist in foreign and a few in home country have flocked to travel in Nam Cang and Nam Sai. They stop in Ban Ho for visiting Nam Cang and Nam Sai commune.Coming to Nam Cang, Tourist can witness its innovation on many aspects due to poverty reduction,studying the newly formed "cultural village" comparing culture of white Mong with black Mong And Mong Hoa ethnic group. In Nam Cang, dispite of its moutain road, there are many motors moving on the road. Nam Cang is not separated with "outside areas"owning to its broadcast on radio and television.

Nam Sai commune meets more difficulties, but still attract many tourist. People come to Nam Sai on anthropology because in their opinion. Xa Pho are the most ancient people existing and Hoang Lien moutain is place of birth of these people. At the present, Xa Pho people are growing forest garden,changing structure of plant,animal, and applying the advanced technique to production by state's support.

Bang Khoang anh Ta Giang Phinh commune are two tourist areas of North pole although they are located nearer district than Muong Hoa , Muong Bo, Nam Cang.
The unique, interesting, grandiose landscape of this area is Ta Giang Phinh range where tourist may enjoy from far distance.
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