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Ta Van village in Sapa

If you want to get to Ta Van village , you can go from the centre Sapa Town to the centre of the village with length more than 7 km .The north side of the village is next to Hau Thao, Lao Chai , Su Pan , meanwhile , the south side of village is next to Ban Ho , the east side is next to Ban Ho village, the west side is close to Muong Hoa commune . 
Ta van means "a great tortuous road " as a hoop of bamboo basket,foot of tripod. the terrace field with posture of immense " tortuous road " is tourist spot  and unique feature of Ta Van . The acient pine forest Seo Mi Ty  which is over a half of day climb far from the town centre is an interesting spot.
Ethnic  are mainly the H’Mong ethnic, Giay, and Red Dao… with approximately 1000 people.Growing rice is the major profession of the dzay. Besides, they also produce instruments and engraved silver. They live in both stilted houses and common houses with a solemn central part which is served as a place for ancestor altar and guest reception. The Giay have quite various cultures with fairy-tale, poetry, proverbs and riddles.
Costumes of the Giay are simple: women with short eczema, wearing cloth bag with embroidered flowers; man also wears pants and shirt. If having the opportunity to come here, visitors can enjoy some special dishes of ethnic Giay such as: roast fish of Muong Hum, horse meat of Muong Khuong, sticky rice of Van Ban… and enjoy festivals, folk games of the dzay: Nao Cong, Roong Pooc… and participate in tours of the village.

How to go to Ta Van village

From the Sapa Town  you can  catch the Motor bike , price around 9 usd . Or taxi. The most tourist choose trekking as on the way to Ta Van village is the most beautiful road to take a picture .

Where to stay in Ta Van village : In Ta Van village has a lot of home stay you can choose. 

Ta Van entrance fee : 50.000 vnd  / tourist . 

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