Friday, January 6, 2017

Culture and traditional art

 In traditional literature , each ethnic group has its own legends , historical stories , allegorical stories, proverb, quizzes , traditional songs, including love song, religious custom songs and laments... Legends and historical stories about some land  , village, river or mountain are also very plentiful.
Primaty researches show that Lao Cai has over 30 dances including those performed in daily life called xeo vong, xoe chieng and those performed  as religous costoms or festivals , Dao people who wear while trouser  in Bao Thang and Bao Yen districts can performed  seven different dances which are call sword dance , bamboo  pole dance , bell dance, scarf dance, mask dance,drum dance and cock dance . 
Music art is also very diversified. For wind instrument, Lao Cai has full 10 families with different 11 branches.In string family, it has twang string branch including the Hot - To instrument of the Ha Nhi people, round shape guitar of Nung, Pa Di people "Tha trinh" flock of the Mong people , " Tinh Tau" flock of  Tay, Thai peoples . In the movable string branch , there is Hun-may of Thai people.wind instrument include oval shape branch such as th Cam Rung of Kho Mu people,Khao siphon of Muong people : Pi thiu ,Pi Khui of Thai. The most simple is Pi Phuong of the Thai made by stubble while a subtle type is the pan-pipe of th Mong and Thai. Wind instrument branch with human blowing include the Tu Va ( horn), copper pan-pipe of the Mong, sticks dance of Mong, Mac Dinh of Tay;bell of Dao,most of the ethnic people have their own types of drum. Instrument of Lao Cai  people  include those played in both chamber and solo performances .
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