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House of Ethnic minority In Sapa

Houses in Sapa - Lao Cai province have various types relevant lifestyle of different ethnic minority groups. Basing on house's foundation structure , there are three major house  types.Houses with clay ground are typical among people of Viet Mong, Dao, houses with both clay and wood belonging to the Dao Do , Houses on stilts belonging to Tay and Thai. In  the first type, or house with clay ground those built of clay are typical of Viet people, houses with clay wall typical for Mong people and houses with walls like fortress typical for Ha Nhi people.In the type of houses on stilts,there are those with four roofs nearly in squares typical for Tay people. 

Traditional houses on stilt of Tay people are built of high quality wood such as the iron wood with roofs made of palm leaf to avoid sunny heat in summer. Houses made of iron wood are usually surrounded by balconies and have four  sides attracting the wind.To make the roofs,Tay people need about 3000 palm leaves for house of 8m x 12m. At presents of Bao Thang, Bao Yen and Van Ban .

Houses built of ram siol typical among the Nung  and Tu Di have distinctive characters shown in the roofs. Tiles are made of clay burnt by wood at high temperature in a kiln.After five days of burning, water are sprayed over the tiles when they are still hot so that to select the most qualified unbroken tiles which can be used for at least a century. Hoang A Tuong palace in Bac Ha district, roofed with tiles made of burnt clay in very typical work.We can see such type of tiles on roofs of houses in the north district of Muong Khuong,Si Ma Cai and Bac Ha.

Houses made of wood unable to be destroyed by boring worm are typical among MOng and Dao peoples.The most precious of po-mu wood are used to built walls and roofs.Po-mu wood which are used to  make roof can have average life-span of over 70 years .Roofs made of such wood can be seen in Cat Cat village, Lao chai village and Ta van Village in Sapa

Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine

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