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Costume, religion residence of Ethnic minority in Sapa Lao Cai

Costume in province are very colourful and rich design . Each group has its own costume and each branch in a group has its owns design . Costume of Mong Hoa (flower Mong ) , Mong Xanh ( blue Mong ), Mong Den (black Mong) and Mong Trang (white Mong) have different design. Mong women in different district wear dresses but those in Sapa district wear short trousers. In particular , those Tay people in Van Ban and Bao Yen District were short skin  while those in Bac Ha wear long trousers and shirts.
Along with the preservation of important local religions such as the ancestor worshipping tradition, Lao Cai Has new imported ones.Traditiona religious believes of Dao, Tay, Nung and Giay people are under effect of triple religion mostly popular with the Dao.In the Van Ban shrine of The Dao, along with  Ngoc Hong sanctuary is the Buddha  sanctuary under which are Thuy Nguyen, Linh Bao and Dao Duc and more under are Tam Thanh, Tam Bao and Tam Nguyen .The intermix of triple religion with traditional religion have party created a new feature of spiritual life among ethnic people in Lao Cai . 
Residence is regard  as the focus o Lao Cai culture so people attach much importance of cultural exchanges with others region while trying to preserve their own styles. Ethnic people in Lao cai are alternately residing commune but independently in villages with a national self-determining concept.With the aim to preserve their own cultural characters , some ethnic people strictly outlined custom of marriage. Although they are not a numerous population , their custom allow marriages among their community .
Come to Sapa ,you should spend time walking along such as culture road so that you can admire a wonderful picture of ancient houses of ethnic people perched way up high hills or the beautiful nature. You should visit on market day to see cultural imprint of each people so your trip will be exciting ...

Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine

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