Saturday, September 10, 2016

Exploring Sapa using electric car

Sa Pa tourism in this occasion the visitors not from the impression, by type of service travel experience with electric cars. This is the new tourist products of Sa Pa.

SA Pa in the electric automobile transport services serving the shuttle tourists.
Travel service Sa Pa experience with electric cars by international tourism company Group Tour from November 2015.
Online travel experience, including:
Cultural market = > Church Central (the starting point is the last point and the Sa Pa bus station is the Central Church of Sa Pa),
Departure: bus route (the cultural market in Sa Pa) = >Luong Dinh Cua street = > Ngu chi Son street, Xuan Vien street = Ham Rong street >;
Return:  Ham Rong street ( Dragon Jaw )= > Xuan Vien street = > Dien Bien Phu Street = > bus station (Sapa culture Market).
Service time from 6 hours to 12 hours every day, Single way ticket : 6.000 VNĐ / ticket / person / course.

Sapa's electric car
Currently, there are about 300 passengers per day using the travel services experience with electric cars in Sa Pa. With 6 top car on test mining, the International Group Tour company hopes   to develop the kind of clean transport, towards green tourism, environmental friendly , to have fun, the sense of sight and experience the scenery of Sa Pa town.
Source :Kieu Vi - translate by Quoc Thanh

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