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Easy Traveling To Sapa

Tourism sapa indispensable destination city guides for each domestic and foreign tourists, with the ongoing development of transport infrastructure is improved and more modern upgrades, visitors can plenty of them easier to choose for themselves the roads to explore sapa, visitors can choose to go by road to the highway, or by train from Hanoi to Lao cai tourism, the north-east direction from Ha past or northwest from Dien Bien, Lai Chau through ....
Sapa travel by road:

The roadway, for visitors from the provinces in the South of the capital Hanoi is the main transport hub to begin the journey up the Sa Pa. From here, you can go by road (highways) or the railway. Travel by road on Highway 70 ride usually with length 279 km, this route does not charge but winding road, very difficult and dangerous for walking. Since the Hanoi-Lao Cai Expressway was opened then most everyone this high speed options. 240 km-long expressway from Noi Bai airport junction up to Lao Cai, straight line, wide and beautiful, has many passages have been your guaranteed traffic easily, quickly and safely. This is the only route for cars, charge full price with the lowest line is 300.000 VND. However with the advantages of the highway fees collect completely well deserved for a sightseeing cruise of tourists.
For visitors to Hanoi by flights to NoiBai airport, can put the car right from the post Cabinet straight up Sa Pa rather back in the capital city. The car rental service can search, reservation from the travel  Bus company  such as : Hung Thanh travel, Camel bus, sapa express bus,.... or you can contact to Tour organize to buy ticket sapa
From Ha Noi Oldquarter  you can tickets for the bus Hanoi to sapa daily departure.

 Travel to sapa by train :

Railways, choosing Sapa traveling by railway from Hanoi is also a favorite choice of many travelers, especially international tourists. The train from Hanoi to Lao Cai station B comes from - Hanoi (Tran Quy Cap Station). Guests can choose to ship or ship date night train night but maybe the best option because of the wagon bed and make sure to save time to go. Currently, besides the state carriages carriages are also many travel companies by investors with better service quality: Chapa express train, or express ship King, ... visitors can look up and choose hour boat cruise fare Hanoi to Lao cai.

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