Thursday, May 12, 2016

Xoi Ngu Sac (steamed sticky rice with five colours ) | Thing to eat in Sapa

One of the traditional agricultural products of Lao Cai People cultivated on slopping land is the sticky rice with grains are plump and brights.
On the occasion of rice festival (in September of lunar calendar ) . people in mountain region of the Lao Cai cook steamed sticky rice for respectfully offering to their ancestor as a way to thank them for a bumper crop . It 's called Xoi Ngu Sac because it is a food with five colours of white,red,green,yellow and violet symbolising the earth ,heaven, plants and human love. Those colours are created by forest leaves, medical herb or spices leave. The green colour for example , is created by ginger leaves, yellow is made from fresh saffron. Before steaming ,sticky rice i deeply soaked into such colour liquid until th grain has such apperance. The rice is poured into wooden jug and then steamed up . When the steaming is done , the sticky rice has not only appearance of five colours but aroma of all kinds of leaves. Along with the aim to use colours as a symbols of religious believes , ethnic people considers such leaves as value medicine very good for their health. 
Nowaday, Xoi Ngu Sac not only appearance in the Rice Festival in mountain region of Lao Cai but also  becomes favourite food of people  in cities. Although you do  not have the favour of eating sticky rice,surely you could not ignore such attractive five colours anh the overwhelming fragrance of this special steam sticky rice
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