Thursday, May 12, 2016

Old palace on white Plateau | Mèo's King Palace in Bac Ha

Over 80 years of existence , the old palace still stand imposing and outstanding in the centre of Bac Ha township .The owner of  Hoang A Tuong old palace is hereditary chief Hoang Yen Chao who is father of Hoang A Tuong and belong to Tay minority .
Meo's king palace
The old Place has very nice view. It is constucted according the science of winds and waters .The palace is located on a vast hill the southeast ,surrounded by mountains on the back and two sides , and stream and "mother carrying child" mountain in the front.
A harmonious combination between styles rectangle lay-out for the Hoang A Tuong old palace .Both left and right sides of the palace are used as storehouse anh for coolies to stay .The front is as screen and the back is main house . There are three rooms on each floor and an open ground in the center, to get into palace , you have to go in the waiting room at first, the to a big ground that is used to celebrate a ceremony and xoe dancing .The main house has two floors with an area of 420 sq.m,a very well proportioned arch door anh balcony outside the corridor .Two room on the right and two on the left of the house are for family life. The middle room is for meeting.The palace is well decorated in the modern architecture. The main side of the house is decorated with  a lot sophisticated vignettes and two parallel sentences with a content of wishing family prosperity . Total area of the house is up to 4000 sq.m and strictly protected by two teams of guards at the main gate and two supporting gates .At  the present , Hoang A Tuong palace si still being preserved , maintained and upgraded . It is very good palace for traveler to visit anh understand history , society and people in the Bac Ha mountainous region in the past . 
Nowaday ,  traveler can go to the Hoang A Tuong palace by motorbike or by bus 
From Lao Cai station tourist can catch the local bus go there about 4 hours , The price ticket is  about 7 Us Dollar / 1 way. A lot of bus stop is front of Station.

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