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Chao Com Vit (soup of duck with sticky young rice ) - the unique food of Dao people

Chao Com Vit is traditional  food specially  for offering to ancestor on rice festival ( Steptember 9 in lunar calendar  ) of the Dao people in Bao Yen District of Lao Cai province . It is called the Ca Mao So in Dao language . 
To have a pot of Chao Com Vit , the cook has to be very careful and skillful to do step by step .Firstly he has to choose the most the plump young sticky rice and roast it up until it turn yellow then unhusk the rice to have viscid and fragrant grains.the following step is choose and slaughter a duck .The Dao people choose the most greasy duck ,slaughter it then boil it with fried cardamoms.When the duck meat has well cooked, it is taken out then pour the young sticky rice into th duck broth ti continue boiling until the rice is soft and the soup becomes viscid and tasty . 
Dao people choose this kind of soup to respect fully offer to the ancestor during th lunar new year holiday,in the festival and when their family members go far from home wish a wish that their ancestor will support them in life or their members will remember their homes and return soon. After offering to the ancestor, the food wil be served with all family members sitting arround . Duck meal will be eaten with chili salt and doi seed. Children are eager to have this food and always want the festival come soon while adult are more pleasant because this is vision of a happy and prosperous life they wish for.Thus, duck soup with young sticky rice is not only a nutritious food but also has a sacred concept of life of Dao people . 
Along with Cuon sui, Thang Co , San lung wine ... Duck soup of young sticky rice  is turnin into a favourite food popular for many others peoples in Lao Cai while still keep its own special characters of the Dao people . 
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