Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Complex of Muong Vi caves and grottoes

Complex of Muong Vi grottoes and caves is located in a part of Muong  Vi commune and inclusive of various small grottes and caves . Until now , only 4 grottes and cave are discovered and have their own special attraction. 
Na Rin cave : this is a big cave having a lot of beautifull stalacites and different shapes spreading along stream , normally called Thuy Tien cave . Stalactites are silver white and transparent . There are also small and big stone stalactites sticking on the cave wall ,creating a splendid and magnificent setting. Deep into the cave , there are more strangle things . Long ranges of stone are linked with cave floor by big stone pillars which will emit sounds like drum-beat. In the core of the cave is stream where is home for various kinds of fish . Nearly to the end of the cave , there is a patch folding stalactites falling free as huge monk's Rock.

Cam Rang cave : is located at the half way down the mountain . Stalactites in the cave are dark brown and solid due to a shortage of stream. Going inside stalactites have a shape of a long Calabash with a tray of yellow five fruits that look very delectable. At the upper heaven gate , there is trip of noble  stalactites like a crown with  luxurious and sophisticated door curtains.

Cam Rum grotto : is also call "wind cave"  because there is always a strong gust of wind blowing inside out . Cam Rum grotto has a lot of sensational legends and strange stalactites . Just stepping through the cave mouth , we will surprised at charming natural scenery here. Stalactites make up small and thin edges . Some other twist to each  other, creating lumpy shell like snail, dragon or stair field ... and many other is particularly interesting .

Cam Tam grotto : Cam Tam means " Low cave " . It is divided into 2  separate floor . At the cave mouth area , there is a pyramid 3m-high hexagonal quartz pillars . This grotto has few stalactites but special supernatural power connecting with a legend about hard-working good-natured fairies who were very helpful especially to the local people of farming tools like plough,  pickaxe,rake,buffalo,cow,pig and chicken which were gifted by fairies . 
Complex of Muong Vi cave and grottoes is of large scale, beauty and popular factors , reflecting  spiritual cultural life of the Giay ethnic community. Also thank to these factors , the complex of Muong Vi cave and grottoes was recognized a national charming vestige by Ministry of Culture and Information  in 1999. 

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