Friday, November 4, 2016

Travelling Sapa Taste Muong Hum stream Fish

Muong Hum stream has not only beautified the natural scenery of Bat Xat with a vast resources for hydro electric but also bringing various kinds of fishes among which the Anh Vu fish is the most speciality and delicacy food just for distinguish guest . The Anh Vu fish is little bit bigger than the thumb and has an unusual appearance with big head , wide gills, round body and two blue traces along the two side of the body . with such appearance , local people call it the " Anh Vu diem xanh " 

The way to cook anh have a dish with Anh Vu fish very simple anh popular . First , the fish is cleaned , soaked with some spice  such as the cardamon , chili , ginger , fish sources anh salt . The fish is clipped between the two bamboo ticks and put on the wooden fire. when it turns yellow with fragrance then  the cooking has been done . To enjoy the whole deliciousness of the fish anh the spices, the dish is often served right after cooking is done and the fish is still hot . However , it is much more tasty to have it with wine . 

If you have chance to visit Muong Hum , along with the favour to see beautiful landscape, you should not forget to enjoy the dish of  Diem xanh Anh vu here  , It really a speciality of region

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