Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hau Thao Commune

Hau Thao commune is in Muong Hoa Valley , located by th left bank of the stream Muong Hoa , where is parallel to car road of Nam Cang town , It is bounded by Sapa commune in the north , by Ta Van , Su Pan commune in the South , by Ta Phoi commune , Lao Cai town in the east by Lao Chai commune  and the north of Ta Van commune  in the west , The centre of Hau Thao commune is 7 km away from centre of Sapa Town. For ethnic Mong compatriots , there were two ways explaining the meaning of appellation of Hau Thao commune , Hau Thao is the name of prestigious  village patriarch in central village of commune . Hau Thao indicates two family Thao and Hau who founded together this village . 
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In habitant area , many large rocks , flagstone with many large edges are rised, On the surface including 159 carved ones which describe images of terraced fields , millstones , human,.. In 1925 , a Frech archeogist Goloubev came here and made research and introduction on scientific magazines . Many VietNam experts also came here to study but have not found out its date so far . 

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