Monday, September 12, 2016

Scenery of Tien Cave Bac Ha

Tien Cave is closely connected with a legend about 3 fairies who were permitted to visit the dusty land by the King . Because the fairy did not want to leave this word, the Jade Emperor had sent the God of thunder to the land punish the fairies.
At first, three fairies hidden in a cave on the cliff at height of about 200m. But when the God od thunder treaded on and destroyed a part of mountain where the three fairies were hiding in.Understanding that there was no way of escape from their father's punishment, thay had thrown themselves to death .Their death bodies were drifted downstream to the lower section of river where is now Bao Nhai communal centre.The local people had fished them out of the river and built a temple tha was named Ba Co ( Three Girls ) .People said that is was a very sacred temple .
In Fairy Cave , there is Fairy stream where smaller streams are falling into.It look like silk strip vaporous and sprinkling  as drizzle . Current of the water like a well skilled sculptor is chiseling cliff to make up floating lotus station and stalactites in different shapes. In one corner ,an elephant is drinking water.In other place , an eagle is flying up..... All create particularly interesting nature bathtub. 
About 200m passing over fairy stream , you will see a big cave like gigantic labyrinth by the creator ,rock are assorted into row of natural rampart.Some   500m up upstream , there are  stalactites in shape of small and big acient tower.whenever it is shining these towers twinkle . After a visit inside the cave , you will reach Hoa Island, a small island with fragrant flowers and herbs .
 You will reach the summit of hopes as coming to visit Fairy cave , swim in Fairy stream and pray for beauty ,good heath and prosperity . 
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