Monday, September 12, 2016

Fairy Mountain at Bac Ha

From the north of Si Ma Cai district to Bac Ha township and at height of cover 1,000m , you will see Fairy mountain.
A legend told that in the old days,there were a man and his daughter going to Pac Kha market ( present Bac Ha market ). Upon arrival, this daughter  wa seriously ill.Her father managed all to save his daughter but failed.Too sorrow and disappointed , he forced to use rock to bury his daughter  and then went to  a nearby  village to ask for some incense stick tot burn and warm up his daughter . Sympathizing go the man , the local people had contributed money and climbed up the mountain to held burial rites for his daughter .When the incense sticks was hafl burned , the girl woke up as though she had just experience a sleep . She told that she had met Bodhisattva who recommended her to worshipping work in the land of the living and took her back to life . Everyone surprised,raised their eyes to the sky and saw a five colour above. Found that it was a good omen and to express his gratitude towards the Bodhisattva for saving his daughter life , the man and local villagers had hired some people to build a small temple on cliff at a height of two ranges of free over the earth's surface and sculpt a statue of the Bodhisattva to worship. Annually on the 19th day of the September ,the locale villagers went there to pray the Bodhisattva for good omens.
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