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Top booking websites travelers must know

On this page, i’ve listed some of the best travel resource websites that we trust and personally use on a daily basis. They can help you organise your travels better, whether it’s a short trip or a long-term adventure.
I’ve created this list for free, but some of the links on this page are affiliates, which means by using any of the services or buying a product through our site we’ll get some commission that will help us to run this website, at no extra cost for you.

If you prefer a more local experience, over hotels and with a touch of home, than definitely look for your accommodation via Airbnb. It’s an online booking platform where owners share their places with travellers, although nowadays you can get a room, apartment, house, a castle, or an island solely to yourself since the owners tend to live outside the rented premises
A great hotel booking website specialising in accommodation in Asia, although you can also book a hotel in Europe with them. We’ve been using Agoda for our travels in Southeast Asia ever since we hit the road, and we’ve always found some great deals here.
Plus, you can collect points for reviews of the hotels where you’ve stayed, and earn additional free accommodation. Check out their mobile booking app, which is awesome for a quick booking at airports, and train and bus stations, in case you arrive somewhere without a place to stay for the night.
Another booking service for hotels of various budgets all around the world. We love their user-friendly website, as well as the option to cancel your booking with no cost. The site is great for booking hotels and hostels in Europe.
Note: don’t be surprised if you book your room through and you receive a confirmation from The same company owns both of the booking websites, and bookings of accommodation in Europe via are managed through Generally though, you’ll find better deals for accommodation in Europe on
You’ll find some good last minute deals here, and if you’re a frequent traveller, you might like their reward program where after 10 bookings, you get one free night (at the average price of your former bookings).

If you’re not sure through which booking site to book a room, try HotelsCombined. It’s a huge met a search engine with over 2 million deals from hundreds of travel sites so you’ll be able to compare the prices and pick the best deal.

TA is the world’s biggest travel site known for reviewing restaurants, attractions, tour operators, and other travel related services. You can actually instant book a room through Trip Advisor now. The search engine has basic filters, although we found that the one for different neighbourhoods is limited compared to the major hotel booking sites mentioned above.
In case you love staying in hostels, this is the right platform to book your accommodation while traveling. One of the benefits is an online profile that can help you receive discounts at certain hostels, and excellent reviews that help you choose the best hostel for your travel style ie. large social hostels, small locally run hostels, even hostels with specific niche clientele (surfers, dancers, climbers, runners).

This is a huge travel community of hospitality and service around the world. The great thing about Couchsurfing is its focus of bringing people together through hosting at someone’s home. The main idea of the site is to exchange travel experiences, explore and live like a local, and possibly learn some new skills from your host or maybe teach him or her something you’re good at.
I’ve been using the platform since 2013 both as hosts and guests. Hosting in a private home is usually free. However, never consider it as totally free accommodation, because it wouldn’t be fair to people who welcome you at their place and dedicate their time and money (toiletries, food, water and electricity expenses) to misuse their hospitality and treat their home as a hotel. Instead, you can cook a dinner for your host, bring him/her a bottle of wine, a nice bag of tea, clean up the kitchen in exchange for accommodation.
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