Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Adam Sapa Hotel

Adam Sapa Hotel - Located in a convenient traffic position with breathtaking scenery, will help visitors have the most complete feeling when coming to Sapa. This is considered one of the ideal destinations in the northern region of Vietnam.

Adam Sapa Hotel is a 3-star hotel chain of Adam Sapa Hotel and 2-star Adam Sapa Hotel with large scale. The entire resort system is airy and comfortable, meeting international standards. In addition, the chain of restaurant services - karaoke - sauna massage unique and class, especially suitable for family vacations, team building companies or simply spontaneous trips of the You young.ADAM 

SAPA HOTEL 1 – At 320sqm, the 3-star hotel has 32 full – facilities rooms. The hotel is located in town center. There is a bus station opposite the hotel; and the Ham Rong mountain is behind the hotel. From the hotel, traveller can move directly and quickly to attractions of Sapa.

ADAM SAPA HOTEL 2 – The hotel consists of 11 rooms which are spacious, airy and equipped luxury interior. The hotel is situated on Bo Ho Street, which is very convenient to travel to attractions of Sapa.

The mountainous specialties cuisine restaurant has a capacity of 200 people. Every cuisine of Adam Sapa is created by experienced chef with all their heart. Coming to Adam Sapa restaurant, customers could enjoy exquisite cuisine that is made from fresh food. And one of the most famous cuisine is Xôi Tổ.

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KARAOKE: With the thought of “Music connects people”, Adam Sapa built the most modern karaoke system with the most vivid sound to entertain traveller while being in Sapa. We hope that after sweet and happy melody, customers shall be relax and revived.

: Coming to Sapa, the traveller will be relax and refresh with herbal bath in Yao people’s traditional way. This is a special way to dissolve fatigue, support blood circulation, and refresh spirit. In additions, there are a lot of utility services such as motorbike for rent, tourism, event, Bar – Café,..

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