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Travel to Sapa Discovering O Qui Ho mountain pass

O Qui ho mountain pass
O Quy Ho mountain pass road is ranked first in the "Four Great Peak Pass" of Vietnam. It is also known as Pass or Pass Hoang Lien Hoang Lien Son (Pass pass by Hoang Lien Son mountain range) or Pass May (due to year-round throughout the Pass clouds)
Legend has it that in this mountainous region, before or present a cry birds skin away, fitted with the legendary love story of a couple. Since then, from time to time the cry of a bird box provided lakes that has been set to a name for the wild mountain pass at an altitude of 2000m near this.
Our Group exploring O Quy Ho towards Lao Cai - Lai Chau, the portal set foot on a marvelous sight out front. A vast sea of ​​white clouds on a blue so pale mountain in the sunshine of a winter morning.
O Quy Ho Pass has long zigzagging mountain path Pass on Highway 4D in which two thirds of the way in the territory of interest on Chau Tam Duong; 1 3 remaining portion is located in the Lao Cai Sapa. This is probably a record for the pass length in the mountains of northwestern Vietnam.

With a length of nearly 50km longer than the Pha Din Pass (32km long) or Khau Pha Pass (near 40km,). The height, the length of the rugged and O Quy Ho makes people both admire, just scared. Therefore it was named unorthodox as "King Pass Northwest "
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