Friday, January 18, 2013

Sapa market

 Love Market is not only a place for good exchange but also a festive day of 18 administrative units of Sapa district.The market day takes place in Sapa town from 6.00am to over noon .It is very crowded end later on every Sunday and last days of the year.After a week of work, Sunday is good time for ethnic people to buy and sell goods in market.To start the market day on time,people often go to market from Sunday. They sit late and sing folk song of thier own minorities together. They use lip musical intrument, flute,pan-pipe and bowls of wine to express thier affaction, In aspect of from,the Sunday night in Sapa market (then called Love market) is similar to the night of folk song contest in the delta regions or Bac Ninh duo of love song. In aspect of content, the Love market is just a traditional charm exchange night last till 9.00pm . However. if the couple agree to each other they will promise and become husband and wife.

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