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Thang Co |special food, thing to eat in sapa

Thang co sapa,lao cai
"Thang Co" is an usual dish appeared just in the mountain of Lao Cai long long time ago and no one know where it is from . It  was probably originated from China because it is popularly sold in Ma Quan street in the China's border area next the Muong Khuong district in Lao Cai province . The dish sold there is called Tang Ku in China language or Thang Co when translates into Vietnamese. However, some say it might also be created by our Vietnamese people.
In fact , Thang Co is kind of food made by meat well-cooked with others spices such as : cardamom, ginger, star aniseed and cinnamon ... The food is mixture different kind of meat chopped from internal organs and head parts of pork ,horse  and goat. If you wan to enjoy the most delicious taste of the Thang Co, you should come to market  early in the morning and arrive there time when the Thang Co dish has been finished .It is the most favourite food for friend in a wine drink because it makes the drink unforgetable and much more meaning when thay have it with maize wine of Ban Pho  in Bac Ha or San lung wine  in Bat Xat .
On the market day on mountain region, there are usually seven big pots of Thang Co including those cooked of horse, pork and goat meat .For gastronomes Thang Co of horse meat is the most favourite dish because it comprise all feature of the food : the tasty favour of horse meat including internal organs and blood of horse .
At the market, enjoying food people there can have chance to meet their friend and relatives talking around the Thang Co boiling pots and learn experiences about how to work and earn a living . This is also a chance for men to go to the market  and have Thang Co.
Nowadays , Thang Co has appeared not only in the market in the mountain but also in luxurious hotel and restaurant  in Lao Cai township. However having Thang Co  on the market- day would be more interesting  and charming because you would find the real life of ethnic people in region .
 How to find Thang Co in sapa :
Tourist can go to restaunrangr in sapa

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