Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sapa Dragon Mouth Mountain (Ham Rong Muontain )

ham rong moutain
Dragon Mouth Mountain (Ham Rong Muontain ): alow mountain range on a side of Sapa town having the shape of dragon mouth. it only takes 15 minutes to reach the peak where exist ancient peach garden,orchid and a garden of thousands of stone towers stretching up like forests call " stone forest ".Looking down from here,tourist can have a good view of Sapa town and imposing Hoan Lien Son.
As going to Sapa, traveler  climb up Ham Rong mountain  to enjoy a cool atmosphere and charming landscapes such as : cloud ground and stone garden, garden of medicinal plant,especially the garden of various orchid claws and fin appear to our eyes and we will thing of being lost in a wonderland.
following cliff lead us to the heaven gate I and II . Standing on the peak, you will enjoy particularly interesting landscapes around as much as you wish and throw your view farer to make the most of poetic beauty of sapa town looming in clouds.
Ham Rong Moutain tourist attraction will help you relax.forget sorrows and recover your health to continue  new enjoyable itineraries 
 Sightseeing : 70.000 vnd / visitor

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