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Culture and traditional art

 In traditional literature , each ethnic group has its own legends , historical stories , allegorical stories, proverb, quizzes , traditional songs, including love song, religious custom songs and laments... Legends and historical stories about some land  , village, river or mountain are also very plentiful.
Primaty researches show that Lao Cai has over 30 dances including those performed in daily life called xeo vong, xoe chieng and those performed  as religous costoms or festivals , Dao people who wear while trouser  in Bao Thang and Bao Yen districts can performed  seven different dances which are call sword dance , bamboo  pole dance , bell dance, scarf dance, mask dance,drum dance and cock dance . 
Music art is also very diversified. For wind instrument, Lao Cai has full 10 families with different 11 branches.In string family, it has twang string branch including the Hot - To instrument of the Ha Nhi people, round shape guitar of Nung, Pa Di people "Tha trinh" flock of the Mong people , " Tinh Tau" flock of  Tay, Thai peoples . In the movable string branch , there is Hun-may of Thai people.wind instrument include oval shape branch such as th Cam Rung of Kho Mu people,Khao siphon of Muong people : Pi thiu ,Pi Khui of Thai. The most simple is Pi Phuong of the Thai made by stubble while a subtle type is the pan-pipe of th Mong and Thai. Wind instrument branch with human blowing include the Tu Va ( horn), copper pan-pipe of the Mong, sticks dance of Mong, Mac Dinh of Tay;bell of Dao,most of the ethnic people have their own types of drum. Instrument of Lao Cai  people  include those played in both chamber and solo performances .
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

House of Ethnic minority In Sapa

Houses in Sapa - Lao Cai province have various types relevant lifestyle of different ethnic minority groups. Basing on house's foundation structure , there are three major house  types.Houses with clay ground are typical among people of Viet Mong, Dao, houses with both clay and wood belonging to the Dao Do , Houses on stilts belonging to Tay and Thai. In  the first type, or house with clay ground those built of clay are typical of Viet people, houses with clay wall typical for Mong people and houses with walls like fortress typical for Ha Nhi people.In the type of houses on stilts,there are those with four roofs nearly in squares typical for Tay people. 

Traditional houses on stilt of Tay people are built of high quality wood such as the iron wood with roofs made of palm leaf to avoid sunny heat in summer. Houses made of iron wood are usually surrounded by balconies and have four  sides attracting the wind.To make the roofs,Tay people need about 3000 palm leaves for house of 8m x 12m. At presents of Bao Thang, Bao Yen and Van Ban .

Houses built of ram siol typical among the Nung  and Tu Di have distinctive characters shown in the roofs. Tiles are made of clay burnt by wood at high temperature in a kiln.After five days of burning, water are sprayed over the tiles when they are still hot so that to select the most qualified unbroken tiles which can be used for at least a century. Hoang A Tuong palace in Bac Ha district, roofed with tiles made of burnt clay in very typical work.We can see such type of tiles on roofs of houses in the north district of Muong Khuong,Si Ma Cai and Bac Ha.

Houses made of wood unable to be destroyed by boring worm are typical among MOng and Dao peoples.The most precious of po-mu wood are used to built walls and roofs.Po-mu wood which are used to  make roof can have average life-span of over 70 years .Roofs made of such wood can be seen in Cat Cat village, Lao chai village and Ta van Village in Sapa

Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Costume, religion residence of Ethnic minority in Sapa Lao Cai

Costume in province are very colourful and rich design . Each group has its own costume and each branch in a group has its owns design . Costume of Mong Hoa (flower Mong ) , Mong Xanh ( blue Mong ), Mong Den (black Mong) and Mong Trang (white Mong) have different design. Mong women in different district wear dresses but those in Sapa district wear short trousers. In particular , those Tay people in Van Ban and Bao Yen District were short skin  while those in Bac Ha wear long trousers and shirts.
Along with the preservation of important local religions such as the ancestor worshipping tradition, Lao Cai Has new imported ones.Traditiona religious believes of Dao, Tay, Nung and Giay people are under effect of triple religion mostly popular with the Dao.In the Van Ban shrine of The Dao, along with  Ngoc Hong sanctuary is the Buddha  sanctuary under which are Thuy Nguyen, Linh Bao and Dao Duc and more under are Tam Thanh, Tam Bao and Tam Nguyen .The intermix of triple religion with traditional religion have party created a new feature of spiritual life among ethnic people in Lao Cai . 
Residence is regard  as the focus o Lao Cai culture so people attach much importance of cultural exchanges with others region while trying to preserve their own styles. Ethnic people in Lao cai are alternately residing commune but independently in villages with a national self-determining concept.With the aim to preserve their own cultural characters , some ethnic people strictly outlined custom of marriage. Although they are not a numerous population , their custom allow marriages among their community .
Come to Sapa ,you should spend time walking along such as culture road so that you can admire a wonderful picture of ancient houses of ethnic people perched way up high hills or the beautiful nature. You should visit on market day to see cultural imprint of each people so your trip will be exciting ...

Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine

Friday, November 25, 2016

Ha Long Peace Charm Cruise 2 days/ night | big promotion 85$

Ha long Peace Charm Cruise is designed in traditional oriental style but still ensure modern facilities with bedrooms and luxury equipment than any other cruise line belong to Halong Bay. Experience today and enjoy the wonderful feeling it with us!
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Peace Charm cruise itinerary : 
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15:00 – 16:00 Visit the most magical and beautiful Sung Sot Cave
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19:00 – 20:30 Fresh seafood set dinner on the bay
20:30 – 11:30 Enjoy film or squid fishing in the night if request
Day 2 Ha long - Ha Noi ( B, L, D)
06:30 – 07:00 Sea sunrise on the sundeck
07:00 – 08:00 Set menu breakfast
08:00 – 09:00 Visit Luon Cave by small boat then the boat passes Man head island, Turtoise Island.
09:30 Check out the cabin and clear the bills
11:00 Check out the boat to transfer to Halong city  & lunch on boat
Price :85 $ / person

Pick-up and transfer by A/C modern bus Hanoi – Halong – Hanoi
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Sightseeing and entrance fee as per the mentioned itinerary.

English speaking guide.
Meals as Mention : 1 x Breakfast, 2 x Lunch and 1 x Dinner
Cooking demonstration
Fishing equipment’s

  • Travel insurance.
  • Drink and beverage.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips for guide and driver.
  • Other things are not mentioned in the program.
Children Policy

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What to bring:
  • Sun block
  • Camera + Film
  • Insect repellent
  • Original Passport
  • A wide brimmed hat
  • Swimming costume
  • Sun glasses
Where can you book :
mail to : to have detail

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Festivals organized every year in Lao Cai Sapa P2

Read more : Festivals organized every year in Lao Cai Sapa P1

11 . Gat Tu Tu festival of the black Ha Nhi in Y Ty - Bat Xat

  • Time: three days on Dragon ,Snake , Horse of January 
  • Place: in one's own house and  forbidden for rest at the beginning of the village .
  • Worship ancestors, Ga Mu forest deity, Ca chu ba ha ro water deity, praying for good crop , driving away epidemic diseases, evil spirits , giao duyen singing . 

12 Demons expelling ceremony greeting spring of the Xa Pho in An Thanh village - Gia Phu commune - Bao Thang.

  • Time: on Horse, Goat day of February.
  • Place in each family and in the area of flat land at the beginning of the village. 
  • Tam Linh devotion ceremony( pig, goat,dog) making up by mask but dancing according to demons expelling ceremonial by the way of using bamboo pipe to shoot on the ground ...

13 Nao Xong festival of the Mong

  • Time: on Dragon day of February .
  • Place: forbidden forrest of the village. 
  • Worshiping the God of the soil , setting village regulation, holding an oath-taking ceremony . 

14 Lap Tich ceremony of the Dao Ho at  Khe Mu village - Bao Thang district

  • Time: choosing leisure month before or after Tet holiday. 
  • Place: in the family and the precinct of the person who makes "Lap tich " 
  • The ceremonial test and pratice the person  who makes Lap tich as jumping from high tower down to hammock net, advice ceremonial ,... ceremonial dances as trong dat dance, sap dance, chicken dance .....

15 Kho Gia Gia festival of the Ha Nhi Den - Bat Xat district 

  • Time: four days ( Dragon , Snake , Horse , Goat ) june 
  • Place  Forbidden forrest of the village. 
  • Buffalo offering ceremony, rope swinging, wheel swinging, giao duyen singing, boys and girls love, ceremonial dance and sing the song " Rice Mother " of old women. 

16 June 23rd Tet of the Pa Di - Muong Khuong 

  • Time: on June 23rd 
  • Place: in each family and at the village 
  • Worship the village deity, ceremony of wishing children well, giao duyen singing, playing teeter, " danh en " 

17 Victory congratulation Tet of the Nung Din in Muong Khuong and Bao Ha

  • Time: on July 1st 
  • Place: in family and the flat land where plant banana near house . 
  • Offering Thu Ty deity by food processed from banana, banana flower, banana core, green banana seven colour stick rice symbolized banana tree and a red pair of chopstick, sing folk songs about the against aggressor victories....

18 Green rice festival of the Tay - Bao Yen 

  • Time: on August 15th 
  • Place  in the house and precinct of chief village 
  • Green rice pounding competion, Nang trang offering, ceremony of inviting Nang  trang to Earth, gia duyen singing, Pounding green rice  according to the melody called " Keng loong " weaving dance .... 

19  New rice ceremony of the La Chi - Bac Ha 

  • Time: on the day of ripening rice 
  • Place: in family and on the field .
  • Symbolical harvesting ceremonial , cooking new rice, offering new rice to ancestors with " special food ": dried buffalo meat, stream fish, bird, dried mouse, boys and girls swing , giao duyen singing .... 

20 New rice ceremony and banana flower festival of the Xa Pho - Van Ban district  

  • Time: September 9th 
  • Place: in the house of the chief village and in each family . 
  • Raising a banana tree to arrange varieties of  flower included banana flower , dancing for bumper crop, offering  new rice and " special food " dried fish, dried mouse. bird, taro ,... dancing to describe the movement of harvesting rice, hunting ....
Source: collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine


Hanoi bus 17 route NoiBai airport to HaNoi city centre

How to travel to Hanoi for cheap? or how to get the Bus from Noi Bai airport to  Hanoi Centre? ... a lot of the question that many many tourist  asked   when  Admin was hotel in Hanoi's old quarter. so today sapatravelblog sent the visitors Hanoi  bus 17  route 

Working Time : 
Operating Time: 5h00 – 20h30 (5h05 – 22h30)
Frequency: 10-15 minutes / course
Length: 34,7 km
Single way ticket: VND 9.000d/ ticket / person / course

Long Bien Bus station - Noi Bai airport schedule  
Long Bien bus station – Yen Phu – Long Bien transit point – Tran Nhat Duat – Chuong Duong Bridge – Nguyen Van Cu – Ngo Gia Tu – Chuong Duong Bridge – Highway No.3 – Doc Van – Co Loa – Dong Anh – Nguyen Khe – Phu Lo – Highway No 2 – Noi Bai Airport

Noi Bai airport - Long Bien  Bus station  schedule  : 
Noi Bai Airport – Highway No. 2 – Phu Lo – Nguyen Khe – Dong Anh – Co Loa – Doc Van – Highway No 3 – Duong Bridge – Ngo Gia Tu – Nguyen Van Cu – Chuong Duong Bridge – Tran Nhat Duat – Long Bien transit point – Yen Phu – Turning at Cua Bac – Long Bien bus station

How to get the bus 17  : 

Now it is easy to find a bus stop , let's set up  this app on you mobile at Itune store or CH Play  : Hanoi Bus (made by As soft ) tìm buýt ( Made by transerco ) , Hanoi Bus ( Xe Buyt Ha Noi by BHMEDIA ) BusMapHN by Lê Yên Thanh...... At the app you search bus 17 , you can see, and find out bus stop near by your standing . 

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Festivals organized every year in Lao Cai Sapa P1

1 "Tet Nhay" festival of Dao Do people in Sapa 

  • Time : 1st, 2nd on Tet Holiday
  • Place : In house of the Head of family 
  • Specific characteristics : Taking bath for ancestors statue , Jumping into a trance,hunting , doing shadow boxing , catching tortoise , doing some magic .

2 "Gau tao " festival of Mong people 

  • Time : from January 3rd to 5th 
  •  Place : the hill hear the village 
  • praying for a child , for heath ,singing " chu gau tao " , shooting match, crossbow shooting match  , pan-pipe dancing .... 

3 Long Tong festival of Tay people - Van Ban district 

  • Time :  on Dragon day of January 
  • Place : field area near the village 
  • Praying for bumper crop , throwing con , tug of war,cock-fighting by banana inflorescense , buffalo fight by Vau  bamboo, sword dancing... 

4 "Long Tong"  festival of Tay people in Tai Chai - Bac Ha 

  • Time : on January 15th 
  • Place : field area near th forbidden forest 
  • Praying for bumper crop , throwing con ,fairy swing, spread grace interchange....

5 "Roong Pooc " festival of Giay People in Ta van  village - Sapa

  • Time : on Dragon day on January 
  • Place on separate field 
  • Praying for bumper crop, worshiping  the village , playing games as tug of war , throwing con , setting village regulation , "giao duyen" singing . 

6 "Roong Pooc " festival of Giay people in Ta Phoi - Cam Duong

  • Time : on dragon day , january 
  • Place : large field near village 
  • Praying for bumper crop, throwing con , tug of war , danh en 

7 "Dinh " festival of Tay - Bao yen 

  • Time : January 6th 
  • Worship mountain God , offering black pig , throwing con " giao duyen " singing 

8 "Choi Hang " festival of the Thai , The Tay in Khanh Yen cave - Van Ban district 

  • Time : three days from january 5th to january 8th 
  • Place : in and out of Khanh Yen cave 
  • Giao duyen singing , having heart of heart with each other .

 9 Festival of Lao Nhai village temple, Lao cai city 

  • Time : three days from January 11th to January 13th 
  • Time : at the temple where worship Mau and Thien hau Nuong Nuong and the area of river bank. 
  • Greeting the Holy Mother and Thien Hau Nuong Nuong  across  street to Coc Leu bridge , offering on 12th and thanking ceremony  on 13th , rice cook competion , praying for thriving business . 

10 Forrest worship festival of the Nung in Muong Khuong  : 

  • Time : January 30th 
  • Place : the village's forbidden forrest  
  • Worship two ancient trees " Father tree and mother tree " food offerings with special tray : "country tray " -worship the people who scrifice their life for protecting the country  and a tray worshiping the people who protect the village , Festival of Playing games. Leng hao match , Lan co singing  , wood chess playing , swimming .....  

Continue part 2 ......

Source : collected from Lao Cai - New opportunities Magazine